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Cakes, cakes and cakes

Cakes from another angle

I’ve not been able to blog this week due to the fact we were unable to get online. We checked all the cables and tried to get on several times, but it took a call to our broadband provider before I finally got it sorted out.  I had to reconnect to broadband. The company claim it could have been knocked out by ‘your microwave’ or something like it, which I don’t doubt would be true…if we had one. I’ve not had a microwave for about five years due to the fact that we had two that broke down very quickly. Besides I only ever used it to cook baked potatoes and custard (not together I hasten to add). I don’t like microwaved food…it’s just not right. It’s either too pasty or it’s overcooked….yeurgh. Anyway, I digress. My theory is that the company were footering around with the broadband and accidentally switched us off. I say this cos a few days ago – before we were unable to get access – we couldn’t get into our email accounts.

Anyway, the photos are of the little spread I put together last Saturday. My parents popped across to see us that afternoon, so before they came I had a bit of a baking morning…it was fab. As a fan of Jane Brocket’s blog and her books, and having  just got her Cherry Cake & Ginger Beer for Christmas, and being desperate to bake something from it (having read a lot of the books mentioned as a child and salivated over the food), I decided to start baking from it. So, above are pictures of the  Walnut Cake (which was really lovely – I hate coffee, but I love coffee flavoured cake which this was) and the Raspberry Jam Cakes (which I made with strawberry jam cos we’re lacking in raspberry jam in this house; and which the kids loved). Also pictured is the muffin-shaped sponge cake that me and my mum and my sisters make on a regular basis. The sponge cake comes from a recipe my mum had in the 70s and we can no longer remember where she got it from, but is basically this:

8oz self raising flour

8oz margarine (works better than butter – honestly)

8oz caster sugar

vanilla essence (about half a teaspoon)

four large eggs

Bung everything in a bowl and mix until lovely and smooth. Place in two greased cake tins and then in oven (gas 4 or equivalent) for approx 25 mins or until cooked. Take out, leave to cool, whip some double cream and add that along with strawberry jam to top of one of cakes. Place other cake on top. Sprinkle with icing sugar. Serve. Heavenly.  Alternatively, put in muffin cases and tin, place in oven for around 10-15 mins or until cooked. Take out. Leave to cool. Ice (lots of icing sugar, a little bit of water = mix to make icing) . You could also use butter icing either in cake filling for large cake or on top of muffins. Yum.

So what else has been happening in my life? Not much, I’m afraid. Joined Twitter…finally. Bet I’ve just joined as it’s probably going out of fashion, would be so like me! Anyway, if you want to follow me on twitter it’s : @danelsonauthor

Right, must go. The girl is not well today – high temperature and just generally hangy – so she’s off school and sitting on the sofa as I write watching Raymond Brigg’s Father Christmas. It’s totally out of season, but who cares? Was the boy who insisted it go on. It’s a lovely wee film.

Dawn xx

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