A big, gi-normous pothole!

The big gi-normous pothole!

This is the big, gi-normous pothole that rattled my bones and jiggled my teeth and nearly completely wiped my car out on Tuesday as I drove up Paisley Road in Glasgow en route back to my office. That plastic thing in front of it is bog-standard 30cm ruler (which gives you some idea how big that pothole is). The pothole is lurking at a pedestrian crossing across the road from La Fiorentina’s (a very good Italian restaurant in Glasgow) and it sits there ready to bite passing innocent cars as they drive past it in the direction of Bellahouston Park. You don’t really see it til you’re on it and then you’re on it and it’s too late.

That’s what happened to me as I drove by it: it bit, my car banged, I pulled over, looked in my rearview mirror to see my hubcab merrily wheeling across the road, cars swerving to avoid it.

I am incensed that the local Council have not filled this in. Surely it’s a danger to drivers and pedestrians? I phoned the Council to complain, got a very nice lady who also gave me the number to call for a claims document. She also said that yes it was a very long pothole, which means the Council must already know about it. I had had my wheel checked and it seems to be okay, thank goodness. Hopefully there’s no other damage to the underside of the car!

Dawn x

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