A Blustery Day at Chez Nelson

It is Sod’s Law that when I have a night out planned it rains from the Heavens and/or one of the kids become ill.  Well, both have happened. My girl was up throwing up last night and the weather outside is miserable. Sigh. Am leaving it for another hour to make a decision on whether she is well enough to leave to go out with my friends tonight. I think she just ate something yesterday that disagreed with her because she hasn’t been sick since. Hoping it’s not a nasty bug that spreads through the family. The boy has already stated his is staying away from her.

So how are you? Hope you are all well. Not got a lot to report this week so it’ll be a short post. As usual I have been busy doing domestic stuff and…try not to faint now…I have been writing again. I decided to stop faffing around and write up a daily plan and stick to it. I know this is what I should do to get working again because by doing a daily plan it focuses my mind on the task in hand and I actually do it. So I am writing again. Yippee.

We’ve also had a visitor staying with us this week in the shape of my parents’ Bichon Frise/Poodle cross Winston who is mischievous, an escapologist and a lover of mud, but is a fantastic wee dog. We love him and our dogs love him. He’s home now, but we enjoyed having him.

I finished the Laurie Lee trilogy. The third book was about his experiences during the Spanish Civil War. A lot of it was about him waiting around and freezing and  starving. There is a small section where he saw action and was horrified to have to kill a man. It is all beautifully written and an absolute must read for anyone who loves history or just wants to read something that transports them back to a different place and time. It is not gory and bloody, but mostly gentle and…well read it, you’ll not be disappointed. Now I have the joy of picking out a new book to read. At the moment I am looking at a biog of Bess of Hardwick or a book about the C S Lewis/Tolkein group The Inklings. Decisions, decisions.

Right on that happy note, I am going to say cheerio til next time!

Dawn xxx


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