A busy and hot week

Wild Scotland.

So this week has been a bit of a whirr again. In fact, the summer holidays are scudding by at a good rate of knots. Anyway, I am here today to update you on the latest goings on a Nelson Towers.

On Tuesday, my youngest nephew celebrated his eighth birthday. Happy birthday C! And I also took my son and his friend out to Glasgow. The aforementioned friend had stayed over the night before, but despite that we still didn’t get out the door until 11am… and it was already roasting hot. We got into Glasgow around lunchtime so went to have something to eat at a bar in Queen Street called Max’s. I used to go to that bar in my younger days when it was called The Rock Gardens, so it was a bit like going back in time for me especially as the place hadn’t changed.

The interior of the old Rock Gardens hasn’t changed much in 30 years.

Anyway, I enjoyed my food and after we had finished, the three of us went to George Square to hop on one of the tour buses that go around the city. I thought the boys might like to see the city from the bus, but they got bored really quickly so we got off at The People’s Palace at Glasgow Green in the city’s eastend.

People’s Palace is full of great things such as Billy Connolly’s famous banana boots.
Hand sewn cards.
Mock ups of shops and the local Steamie.
An Anderson shelter.
A gas mask.
Oor Wullie.
And other items from Glasgow’s fascinating past.
Then we jumped on the bus again and went to The Riverside Museum (our transport museum) and once the boys had run around the museum, we went out to the Tall Ship, The GlenLee.

I’ll tell you, I was shattered after that day. It was really hot all day – something we’re not used to in Scotland – and the heat was draining. Anyway, we got home about teatime.

On Thursday, I visited my father-in-law who turned 91 this week. Happy birthday Eddie. Then I popped back into Glasgow to have lunch at La Vita with my friend, Laurina. She’s a friend of mine from my last work and it was great to catch up with her. We had a good old gab before it was time to head home.

In between all these, I’ve been also attending my Pilates and Zumba classes in extremely hot halls. That’s fine though because I’m hoping I’ve sweated off at least two stones! 🙂

What I haven’t been doing this week: any writing or editing (hangs head in shame) or reading (although I have been listening to audio books as I lie on my bed wilting in the heat).

Thankfully, today is a bit cooler and the dogs aren’t suffering so much from being too hot. The two youngers ones are okay, but our elderly pug is really feeling it (wee soul).

Okay, so I am going to end this week’s blog here and wish you a great weekend. Although I’ve been moaning about the heat, it is nice to get a bit of good weather for a change. Til next time.

Dawn xxx

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