A busy week walking, swimming and doing stuff


Hello, How are you?  Hope you’ve had a good week. What a fantastic week it’s been!! The kids were off on holiday (the school October week) and we did a few bits and pieces.


Apart from going to the Burrell Collection (see last post), the boy had swimming lessons every morning at a local pool. Initially, he wasn’t too happy about doing the lessons, but by day two was loving it. I’ve booked him in for more lessons starting soon.

I have to tell you about an observation me and the boy made when we went to his swimming lessons. To put it in context, the lessons were in the morning and we drove up a back road (over a hill) in the countryside to get to the swimming pool. The mist was low lying for most of the ascent, but at the top the sun shone. The sun was still relatively low in the sky so the rays were soft as they hit the road and roadside shrubbery. Now it’s the shrubbery that was really interesting because the weather conditions made visible thousands of little hammocks of spider webs dotted across the gorse bushes. The sunlight combined with the dew made the hammock spider webs glisten as if they were strung with the tiniest of diamonds. It was amazing, but I’m kicking myself for not taking a pic of them. Next time! I should really carry my camera about with me at all times!

Anyway, what else happened this week? Well, my parents, two nieces and a nephew came for lunch this week too. I just put on pizza, salad, mini sausages, cold meats and a few other bits and pieces and we all helped ourselves. Was a good time. It’s always really noisy and busy when the family get together (albeit it was only about half the family, but it was still noisy). After lunch the kids went out to play in the back garden (the weather has been sunny and dry all week – there was a bit of low lying cloud/mist, but that soon burnt off by the afternoon every day).  The adults caught up with family news in the living room over tea and cake. Waitrose do a really nice New York cheesecake, which is what myself and mum had. It was just the right combination of sweet and creamy. Yum!


On Thursday, hubby was getting a bit stir crazy so we went up to Lomond Shores, a small shopping centre at the bottom of Loch Lomond near Balloch. The shops are really nice (posh actually), but the whole place was mobbed. We didn’t stay long. Hubby managed to pick himself up a pair of walking boots from the outdoor store. Next year, when he’s back to full strength, we are planning lots of walking and biking expeditions with the kids!

Friday and it was walking up Ben Bowie. Myself and the two kids joined some friends and we walked up. It was really beautiful. We had a picnic lunch and enjoyed the scenery. En route down, the girl fell and hurt herself, but she’s fine which is just as well as she’s off on a five day trip with the school next week. They are going to an outdoor centre. The Ben Bowie walk gave her a taste of what’s to come. She seemed to be enjoying herself doing the walk until she fell (then everything was rubbish). I think she’ll have a ball on holiday! I will miss her though!


Yesterday, I just did some domestic boring stuff (food shopping, washing) and spent the afternoon printing off a few things that will help me get back into writing. Also sorted out my wee study so that I have absolutely no excuse to stop writing! None at all. So I’d better do some!

Throughout the week I managed a couple of sessions of swimming. I haven’t really been doing much training this week, except for the swimming, but I’ll get back to it next week. I have a plan and everything! Whether I stick to it is another matter!

Back to work tomorrow! ;-(  Not to worry!! Roll on Christmas time when I get my next time off!!

Right, am off to do some writing. Til next time!

Dawn xxx


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