A Fox in a Box

Tom Frost Fox Stamp Print

The Victoria and Albert Museum shop (I love that museum, it’s fantastic) has loads of brilliant things in it just now, two of which I’m showing just now. I love these prints. I have thing for images of foxes and Guinea Pigs (goes without saying). I think Tom Frost and Rosamund Fowler produce really stunning artworks.

Maisie Guinea Pig by Rosamund Fowler

So how have you all been this week? My week has been a bit of a whirlwind: busy busy at work, busy busy at home.  Last weeked I met a friend for lunch in the westend of Glasgow. We went to a really nice French restaurant in Byres Road (I forget it’s name, but I could take you there) and then spent a wee hour going around the charity shops looking for bargains and generally having a really nice time. Sunday – I took the kids to see my parents. It’s my mum’s birthday this weekend, but I’m unable to catch up with her then so took her pressie (a White Linen perfume giftset) over last weekend along with a home-made birthday cake. She made her famous veg soup (I love it – once lived on it for a whole winter I loved it so much) and the best steak pie I’ve eaten for ages. Happy birthday mum when it comes.

This morning am planning to watch the last episode of the series of Downton Abbey (sob) and then go and seek out some surplus wood in our garage. Am planning to make little stools for the kids as part of their Christmas. I think hubby thinks I wasn’t serious when I said I wanted to do woodworking, but I am. This afternoon, I’m going to do the housework and the ironing that still sits forlornely in the ironing basket. Tomorrow I’ve set aside time to write and play piano. We have a quiet weekend ahead of us, so am looking forward to getting a bit of time to write and craft.

The papercutting – design by Elsa Mora

Talking of crafting, here’s a picture of that papercutting I did. It’s a wee bit dodgy in places, but nice. It’s by Elsa Mora. I am a real fan of  artists who do papercutting, they are so talented.

Right, am off to watch Downton with a cup of tea and two Digestives and butter – ah bliss!! See you soon.

Dawn xx

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