A good story is a good story

Did anyone see the Culture Show Special on The Books We Really Read ? Sue Perkins was excellent (and very funny) as she took us through the non-literary books that are the real best sellers of the last 40 + years. She talked to authors about what it is that makes their books so popular and why the literary circles look down their noses at them. I don’t know about you, but I don’t care if a book is ‘literary’ (whatever that really means), a classic tome or something a bit less heavyweight. I’ve read literary novels, I’ve read classics, I’ve read chick lit, I’ve read thrillers, I’ve read kids’ books, I’ve read sci fi. Some are excellent, some are good, others are dire and boring. If the book holds a great story, then it’s a good book in my view. A good story is a good story. What I truly dislike is the snobbery surrounding literary books and the view of some that if it’s not literary, then it doesn’t matter and shouldn’t be read. I think that’s such a small minded viewpoint and all I would say to those who think this is that they are missing out on some excellent books!

Dawn x

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