A month to go until the new series hits!!



I am so excited! We’ve only got a month until the brand new Sisters of Sins series launches with Terry Wells-Brown’s Vanity on June 5, 2022. Pre-order here. 

My book Greed follows on July 5 with Sofia Aves’ novel, Pride, on August 5. You can pre-order the e-book for all three now or wait until launch day for the paperbacks.

So, back to this week’s news and there hasn’t been a lot happening at Nelson Towers. Our pug, who is very creaky and elderly, has been having a few minor health problems including being a little bit loose in the bottom department. Basically, she poo-ed my bed twice this week, which was not pleasant to wake up to. However, she is old an cannot help it. I do put her in a nappy (diaper) every single night, but she manages to wriggle out of it when I’m not looking. Sigh.

I’ve been beavering away at writing this week. I have a second book in the Sisters of Sin series to finish. It’s called Envy and I’ve written about a third of it. It’s set in the Ivory Coast. I’ve never been there, but am having fun researching it. Having read a fair bit about it, I’d now love to go.

My uni course has also taken up a bit of time this week. We’re currently studying The Tempest by William Shakespeare. I studied this in Sixth Year English and loved it. I’m enjoying it all over again. I’m planning to see if I can find any films of it online to watch as I believe you only truly enjoy a Shakespeare play when it’s being performed in the theatre, on telly or as a film.

Other reading I have been doing – well, I’ve just started reading it – is Terry Prachett’s Jingo. If you are a long time follower of this blog, you will know that I am a huge fan of Terry Prachett. I don’t think I’ve read this book before and am thoroughly enjoying it. I bought it last Saturday when myself and the girl went into Glasgow. We had brunch at The Willow Tearooms in Buchanan Street (I love that place, click on the name to see how lovely it is) before doing a bit of shopping. My daughter wanted to buy some K-pop albums, so we popped into HMV, and I insisted we go to Waterstone’s. That’s where I picked up Jingo and Angela Carter’s The Magic Toyshop.  Angela Carter is an amazing writer too. Haven’t started this book, but I did read her The Bloody Chamber and loved it.

Right, so what else have I been up to? I haven’t been working on our script lately and that’s because of politics. One of our trio is standing as a councillor in this week’s local council elections and hasn’t been available. Good luck Y! So, myself and the remaining scriptwriter have been watching various You Tube videos on the art of scriptwriting and filmmaking. It’s been really valuable and I’ve learnt a lot.

Jo Cole as Harry Palmer

Talking of scripts and, well, tv, have any of you been watching ITV’s The Ipcress File? It is SOOOOOOOOOO good, I can’t say it enough. Really recommend it. It’s a spy series based on Len Deighton’s novel (you may have seen the original film which starred Michael Caine) and follows Harry Palmer in his attempt to rescue a kidnapped nuclear scientist. The tv series is brilliantly written and beautifully shot. There’s loads of nostalgia in there. While I was not yet born in the 1960s (the story takes place in 1963), there’s loads in there that I remember being in people’s houses when I was a kid in the 70s. Harry Palmer is played by the excellent Jo Cole with Tom Hollander as Dalby and Lucy Boynton as the very glamorous Jean Courtney. If you love Bond, you’ll love this.

Other things I have been watching…

I’ve been doing alternate nights watching Harry Potter and the Star Wars franchise with my daughter (Harry) and then son (Star Wars). Luckily, I’ve seen all the films about a million times so am not confused by this.

Another thing I’ve seen many times, but love to distraction, is the BBC’s Ghosts series. It’s so funny. I started watching it again a couple of nights ago and am hooked again. You see some many things you missed the first time. I love it.  Of course, Ben Willbond as the Captain might have something to do with it as well. I’ve got a bit of a thing for him – he’s  a silver fox. Anyway, if you want something to watch that’s light and fun, go for this.

Right, I will have to go now. I have a lot to do this afternoon. Til next time,

Dawn xxx


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