A parsnip broke my spade


I was down the allotment this morning (see pic above – as you can see, it needs a lot of work done to it) digging up an area where we’re going to put in a potting shed. I was there for about an hour in the sleet and high wind.


Here I am sans makeup (my eyes water in the cold and I end up looking like a panda if I wear mascara) and very very cold.

Anyway, I was in the process of digging up a particularly tough bit of root…parsnip root…it was huge when this happened to my spade.


I put my foot down and the top corner snapped off. All because of a parsnip…you can see the root ball behind the spade, but here’s another picture of it…(sorry about the blurry pic…I think I was so shocked how big it was, you can’t really see it’s size from this unfortunately).



Anyway, I have a long way to go with the allotment. There’s a fair bit to do, but I’m taking it in wee bites. I have a couple of friends who have offered to help out which is great.

I may go down again tomorrow depending on the weather. It was bitter cold today, sleety, hailstones and very windy. I wasn’t cold though thanks to all the digging and heavy lifting I was doing plus a flask of tea.

20160130_113952The sun did peek out a couple of times, but I dug up the foundation area where our potting shed will be (see below – this is it half way) mostly in sleet. Still I’m feeling all smug and pleased with myself for doing the work, although my arms are a bit sore from the digging.  NB note abandonned glove in pic below…it was once pink. Looks like some sort of Thing crawling towards the spade!


Right, am away to do other stuff. Until next time.
















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