A week of visitors and visiting

Spring is here!

Spring is here!

Sorry this is a little late. It’s been a bit of a mental week…and I wasn’t even working!

Apart from Easter Sunday when the kids stuffed their faces with chocolate and got a sugar high as a result and had to be reprimanded, we’ve had a week of visitors and visiting.

Tuesday – my parents, one of my sisters, two nieces and one nephew came for lunch. It was really nice to see them all. My parents were just back from holidaying in the Caribbean and were full of stories of their travels. I hadn’t seen my sister and her kids for ages either and my kids loved seeing their cousins. Unfortunately my other sister was unable to come due to having to work, but her daughter was here and it was lovely to see her.

Wednesday – we had a coffee morning fundraiser for Cancer Research.


I baked for Scotland. I must have made around 40 fairy cakes, nearly 20 chocolate cupcakes, a peach tray bake and two loaves of ginger bread. I can’t tell you how many people came, but it was lots…mainly the mums of friends of my boy (I’ll tell you about the link in a minute) and some neighbours. We raised £80 which was great. We held the event (here comes the link) because my boy had heard of a girl in his school baking cakes and selling them for a cancer charity and he wanted to “do something for cancer” too. It was also a way of us remembering a few people in our lives who have had cancer, some beat it, others unfortunately died (Katrina, Stuart). Plus it was a great way of catching up with the mums I haven’t seen for ages. Apart from the mums there was a whole squad of weans and thank goodness the weather was good and they could all play outside in the back garden. Thanks again to everyone who came and donated. I was exhausted afterwards so spent Thursday not doing very much.

Thursday – hubby came home from work at lunchtime, sick. He spent the rest of the day and night in bed. We didn’t do much. The kids went out to play…nice weather again!

Friday – I’d invited a close friend and her daughters to come for lunch. Unfortunately hubby was still ill and  ended up in hospital and he’s been there ever since. I couldn’t get a hold of my friend, so had to run out of the house as she arrived. She was great and looked after the kids, putting out the food (it was all ready to go before I got home) and looking after them til I got back from hospital. Thanks AJ for that! We still had our lunch and a chat and it was great to see them all.

The rest of the week has been spent visiting hubby and watching (with relief) him steadily getting better. I hope to have him home soon.

So, there you go…instead of having a relaxing end to my week off I’ve been a bit stressed. Hey ho! That’s life. The good thing is hubby is one the mend and (and this is something we’ve been looking forward to) I also found the tv remote which means we can watch DVDs and catch up telly. Hurray! It’s the little things in life that give the greatest pleasures. The remote has been missing for about three weeks…it’s good to have it back.

Hmmm…what else has been happening? As a treat for the kids, I bought a copy of Paddington and we watched it this morning. It’s really funny. I loved watching the original tv series as a kid, so it was lovely to see the film. Ref reading…I haven’t been reading much lately, too tired, so am still on Gormenghast. Ref writing…nothing has been done on that. Just been too busy. Baking…see aforementioned coffee morning.

Anyway, I am fast running out of steam so I’ll say adieu til next time.

See you soon!

Dawn xx


3 thoughts on “A week of visitors and visiting

    • Thanks Anabel. He’s back in. It’s been a bit of a mad week – hence the late reply to you. I’ve not been checking my blog or emails this week at all, but running back and forward to the RAH. He’s a bit of a medical miracle…no one knows what’s wrong with him! Nice to hear from you. Hope all’s well in your world. Dawn xx

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