A winter wonderland

The boy is ill. He’s been up all night with a high temperature and is generally feeling poorly. I’ve had to take the day off work to look after him. He’s not fit for nursery today, wee soul. As I write this, he’s lying, tucked up in his favourite blankets, on our sofa watching Fireman Sam (he’s a big fan). He’s all heavy eyed and feeling sorry for himself.

Anyway, while he’s quiet, I thought I’d catch up with a few things around the house, including this blog, which I’ve not added to for a while. If you haven’t already seen it, see the previous blog, which I wrote earlier today. There’s a great wee mini film on it. Watch it, it’s great. Not only is it clever, but knitting appears on it, so that appeals to me!!

Anyway, wanted share how lovely our back garden is currently looking thanks to the blanket of snow on it. I love the snow, except when I have to drive in it. It’s so lovely.

Our back garden

Dawn xxx

Wood Pigeons waiting to be fed

More snowy trees

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