I have the lurgy. The boy brought in the cold a few days ago and I’ve been sneezing and been snotty ever since. My throat hurts and I generally feel a bit off colour. I had a medicinal glass of wine the other night there, but that made me feel worse…the next morning! Anyway, I shall soldier on.

How are you? Hope you are well. What have you been up to? We put the Christmas tree and decorations up this week and the house is looking very festive. I bought a new, slimmer tree and new lights and they look great. I like to buy a new ornament for the house every Christmas and this year I chose this…


The kids think I’m weird putting out figurines from The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I love them! Nothing like a bit of the macabre to really feel Christmassy!! Hee hee.

Another thing I’ve loved this week is this video. It’s so funny.

Other news and sadly we’ve lost another uncle to cancer. My thoughts go out to his daughters, my cousins, at this sad time. Feels like too many people are being affected by cancer this year.

Anyway…I am going to finish here because I have the house to clean and an ironing mountain (yes I have never managed to see through my intention of doing a bit a day…instead I leave it to pile up hoping that somehow it will go away. I hate ironing!) to do. So I will finish up here.

Yours sniffing and spluttering

Dawn xxx



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