Ah the lovely Bella!

Meet the lovey Bella. She’s the scooter belonging to a friend of ours who is also a member of the same scooter/Mod club – The Argyll Road Runners – that hubby is a member of.

Isn’t she just gorgeous! And my favourite colour too!


The lovely Bella

The lovely Bella

We had the pleasure of seeing Bella and a few other scooters at the Road Runners’ event at Haggs Rugby Club this weekend. Unfortunately, hubby isn’t fit enough to take part in a lot of the weekend so we haven’t been able to enjoy the live music, dancing and, for him and his friends, the ride out of the scooters. Last night’s band apparently were fantastic – The Apparells – and there should be some more great music tonight. I am sorry we’re missing it. Anyway, we went for a little while to see everyone, had some lunch, talked to some friends and then had to go*. It was great seeing everyone at the Road Runners’ weekender. Hubby really enjoyed it though was exhausted by the time we got home.

* my nephew is four this week and we went to his house after being at the scooter club – Happy Birthday Wee Man!

Other good news and I have recovered from my hangover. It was a good night, so was worth it!! Nuff said.

So what else have I been up to this week? Well I’ve been kind of stuck on a story I’ve been writing…it’s stopped me writing. So I got out my notebook and started jotting down questions about holes in the storyline which lead to some ideas coming and a bit of research I’ve got to do. I felt a lot better afterwards because I was on the point of ditching the story despite having written half the book. I think once I work through all the questions I’ve raised the story will re-start for me again and I’ll know where it’s going. Here’s hoping!

There’s not been a lot going on this week although we’ve been busy. Nothing worth reporting.

Am currently reading Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzaki and thoroughly enjoying it. Am not exactly sure what it’s about yet – basically it’s a story told from the main character’s point of view about his friendship with Alexis Zorba. They are on a Greek island digging coal out of a mine – well Zorba is – and it’s about their relationship, Zorba’s take on life and his desire that the narrator get together with a local widow. That’s as far as I’ve got. It’s beautifully written and it makes me want to go to the island and eat olives and bread. Sigh. When I read it I can feel the sun on my face and smell the sea –  that to me is the sign of a good book! I’ve never seen the film but I like Antony Quinn as an actor, so maybe I’ll watch it some day.

Zorba the Greek

My next book is The Life of Charles Dickens by his very good friend John Forster! I’m a big Dickens fan, so can’t wait to read it.

Charles Dickens before the goatee.

Charles Dickens before the goatee.

John Forster

John Forster

Right on that note, am off to do my menus for next week so I know what I’m buying at the shops tomorrow. I like to be organised so work out what we’re going to eat every week. Occasionally when I’m too tired to cook we will get a carryout in instead, but I try to stick to it. Doing my menus also gives me a great excuse to go through my many cookbooks!

Til next time!

Dawn (happily flicking through her cookbooks)x

PS if anyone’s seen Zorba the Green film, let me know if it’s worth watching!


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