All shiny and clean

What is it that makes cleaning the house so satisfying? When I say ‘cleaning’ I don’t mean the actual activity of cleaning, I actually mean the end result…the shiny and clean house at the end of it. I love it! Then within five minutes of the family coming home, it’s lost it’s glean. Sigh.

Shiny shiny kitchen...but not for long!

This week the Lurgy returned to the house. It started with the boy last Friday, spread to me at the beginning of the week and now hubby is complaining of it. It’s a particularly nasty cold and all I can say is thank goodness for a certain cream and whisky drink that I’ve been taking a wee glass of every night. It’s for medicinal purposes and to help me sleep…I also really like it!!

Remember the guinea pigs? Fed up with them poohing and peeing all over my living room carpet, I invested in a fold down canvas-y type playpen for them. It’s quite big, but means I don’t have to scrub the carpet every night. I do have to scrub the playpen, but it’s far easier to keep clean. Our pigs are lovely wee things. Here’s a couple of new pics…Enoy!

Dawn x


Pig face! Introducing Mr Darcy!

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