An egg box jewellery box for Mother’s Day

A Happy Scottish Seal

Hello, how are you? Hope you are well. Thought I’d start this blog off with a happy little seal. I love seals, they are so comical. Living in Scotland near the coast is great because you can see seals all over the coast…most recently on Arran and in the River Clyde (a brave single seal), but also up north. They are such pretty creatures, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to harm them.

Anyway, we’ve all got the cold this week and feeling a bit peppery and under the weather. But life goes on and the kids went to school and we went to work and we’re just getting on with it. Really what I want to do is lie in bed watching a good movie and eating chocolate with a mug of tea. Not to worry.

This week has been a week of roadworks. What is it about the councils in this area (I have to drive through three council boundaries to get to work)? They seem to be digging up the roads around here every other week and ONCE AGAIN there are roadworks in our village. Sigh.

Here’s a wee Highland cow…

Highland Coo

Highland Coo

Anyway, enough with moaning woman, get on with this blog!!

Been the recipient of plethora of lovely hand-made gifts from the kids this week in the run up to Mother’s Day. There are painted cardboard boxes, hand-made flowers in a vase and a ten-egg egg box which my daughter has decorated with multi-coloured pompoms to be a ‘jewellery box’. She’s been the most prolific as she has also made me a lovely card. They are lovely gifts. For my own mum, I have bought her a few week things which I hope she’ll like. I’ll tell you about them after Mother’s Day in case she reads this.

Had intended to re-start my diet today, but the cold soon put the kybosh on this. I just needed comfort food so had a donut at lunchtime…it was medicinal! Honest. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel a bit better and I can start again. I hate dieting, but I need to lose some weight – not being the svelte woman I would like to be. I also want to get fitter. I’ve been going out walking with my friends and walking whenever I can, so at least I’ve stuck to doing that.

Anyway, I’ve just seen the time (6.30pm on a Thursday night). Got hubby’s dinner to get on. We’ve already had ours as he’s in late tonight. Then am away out for a walk with the girls. Til next time!

Dawn xxx

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