Annabel, not writing and walking in the city



Annabel and myself at the Glasgow Women's Library.

Annabel and myself at the Glasgow Women’s Library.


Sorry I’ve not been around a lot lately. If the truth be told, I’ve been avoiding my laptop lately because I’d rather be doing anything other than writing. Just been a bit fed up with it. Anyway, am back on the wagon and raring to go. I haven’t been writing, but that’s okay, I will get back into it soon.

So what’s been happening in the DarkIsle household lately? Well we’ve all been enjoying the fab sunshine this week. Both my kids are as brown as wee berries and are out playing at every opportunity, which is great. I’ve been doing a bit of weeding in our garden, but I find after an hour my back really hurts so I have to stop. I think I’ll take it a little bit at a time.

I presented the winner of my books with her prized last week (pictured above). Annabel volunteers at the Glasgow Women’s Library and has donated the books to it. I didn’t know this, but the library is literally two minutes walk from my work so I was able to pop down at lunchtime to give them to her.

Been doing a lot of walking lately. We’re doing a pedometer challenge at work, which started last week. Unfortunately, I seem to be cursed when it comes to pedometers and they seem to die within days of my getting them, so I’ve been pedometer-less all week. I found an old one in a drawer last night, so I’ll pop a battery in and see if it works. I’ve been walking as much as possible. I love walking. You see so much more than you do when driving and it’s a good way to people watch too. I’ve been walking a lot round Glasgow and of course there’s tonnes going on thanks to the Commonwealth Games which start next month. Roads are closed, workies are all over the city like busy little ants making the place look nicer and fixing roads, the area round the Barras has seen a fair few shops and pubs painted and tarted up. I often wonder if all this will be finished in time, but having met the folk in charge of the Games from the city council end of things, I’m confident it will be. They seem to have everything well in hand. I will be avoiding the city like the plague during the Games as I can’t be bothered with how busy it will be, but if any of you are in Glasgow at the time (they start on July 23) there’s loads on. There’s a website that tells you all about it.

Currently reading – H E Bates’ The Pop Larkin Chronicles and loving every word. I always loved the tv series, so reading about them is fantastic. Would recommend this to anyone who wants a lovely summer read that’s amusing and clever.

Right now, I need to go. Got loads to do today!!

Til next time!

Dawn xxxx


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