At last! I’m back in the blogosphere!

Hello, it’s been about two years since I has my last blog. I had a website that I think I fiddled about with too much and now it’s not working, despite my best efforts! So, until it’s fixed, I have decided to start a little blog all of my own. Lord knows what I’ll write about because my life isn’t the most exciting, but I’ll try my best to keep it interesting.

Dawn xx

5 thoughts on “At last! I’m back in the blogosphere!

  1. Well I have just finished the second book and thought it was every bit as good as the first one! I may be a bit over the recommended reading age, yep 40 is closing in fast but I still appreciate a right good read. My daughter will enjoy it in a couple of years. Now about the Birds of prey… very cool. I once held a snowy owl and loved it only Kym wasn’t too impressed but she was only a wee toddler. To all other Darkisle fans out there, DA Nelson also makes fabby cakes and a good cup of tea….xxxx

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