At last! Some summer sunshine!





Oh hasn’t the weather been gorgeous the past couple of days? It’s really made a difference to everyone. Life suddenly feels so much better when the sun is splitting the sky and you can go outside without a jacket and about three million layers!!  Can’t believe that less than a week ago we were experiencing gale-force winds and lashing rain. Hope the sun stays a bit longer.

Anyway, how are  you? Hope you are all good and enjoying the lovely weather.

Life here at Chez Nelson trundles on as before. Hubby is slowly getting better. Still no further forward with treatment, but I’m fattening him up with good nourishing food and he seems to be getting a little better each day. We had visitors today in the form of some old friends who were keen to see how hubby was. It was lovely to see both of them and it was a great afternoon. We had a bit of a laugh and I really enjoyed their company. Hope to catch up with them soon. They brought a cake and these lovely flowers…


…so they can come back any time!! Hee hee. Actually they can come back anytime without cake and flowers – they are not a prerequisite for getting in!!

Been getting back into Mindful Meditation. I had kind of fallen away from it for a while, but it’s really been helping recently.  I started doing it more than a year ago for stress and it’s really great. Not only do I feel less stressed and anxious, but I sleep better…I can get to sleep. I was always terrible for getting to sleep, now I fall asleep really quickly and it feels like a better, more refreshing sleep. Anyway, I got back into it because I simply wasn’t sleeping. It’s been all the stress and worry over hubby’s illness. I couldn’t get to sleep and then found myself waking at 3.30am every morning and then not being able to get to sleep again. I was only getting a few hours a night, so I went back to Mindful Meditation and it’s really been helping.

I’m also trying to do a little bit of yoga every day to loosen up and stretch (I’ve hardly been exercising lately and my body was stiffening up). I missed today as I had a few things to do online…like buying Father’s Day gifts…and it took longer than I thought it would. It’s surprising how long it takes to get a really thoughtful (I hope) and nice gift for my dad, my father-in-law and hubby. Father’s Day has just suddenly come upon me this year, but thankfully I realised just in time to order some gifts. Thank goodness for Funky and all their adverts on telly reminding me it was coming up!!

The other thing I need to get a grip of is my diet. It fell away when hubby was in hospital and I managed to get back on track with healthy eating when he came out about two weeks ago. However, he ended up going back into hospital again overnight last Sunday and me and the kids ended up going to the Linwood Farm restaurant for dinner. It was burger and chips all round. Nice enough, but not as healthy as I’d like. Anyway, am keen to get back to healthy eating so this week have written my menus for the week and bought the ingredients and hopefully we’ll eat well…no more rushing to hospital, I hope!!

Tonight we’re having tomato pasta which everyone likes and there should be no wrinkling of noses and saying ‘yeuch’ and pointing (faces screwed up in disgust) and asking: “Mum what is THAT?” and tentative tongues trying the meal and exaggerated gagging as if being poisoned. This generally is what I have to put up with from my kids when I offer them perfectly healthy meals…even meals without broccoli!

Anyway, I am off to serve up dinner before taking a well earned rest in front of the telly. I will lounge on the sofa patting my full and contented tummy whilst imbibing a nice cup of tea!

Til  next time!

Dawn xxx


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