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Now I’ve finished all my editing and publishing of ebooks (and editing the third DarkIsle book), I have a bit of time to get back to hobbies. I’ve nearly finished a cardigan for the boy (still have to finish the collar trim which I have ripped out twice already because I can’t seem to get the right number of stitches to make it lie flat…will finish it today) and a poncho for the girl (just got to add the fringing).

I also completed a lovely wee cardie (pictured) for my friend Shona’s new wee boy and a pair of bootees. The cardie pattern came from Knitting Magazine’s summer kids patterns from last year (I think) and the bootees from a knitting book I have.

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Was nice to knit for the baby, especially as I didn’t get back into knitting until after my two were out of their babyhood, something I kind of regret. I used to knit when I was a kid then gave it up as a teenager because it was uncool then and I couldn’t afford the yarn. Now, I don’t care what people think about my knitting and sewing addiction plus Shona was delighted with the gift, so that makes it all worthwhile for me.

Next projects? I have a shirt and trousers to sew for the boy. Am also thinking of knitting a 60s style top for me and sewing myself something. Am thinking maybe a little dress.

So there’s not other news chez moi. I’m back at work next week and the kids go back to school as well. Everything will return to the madness it always is when we have to get up early and get out for school and work. I’ve really enjoyed being off (on and off) over the summer. The weather was fantastic for a good bit of it, I did a lot of things, got a lot of books finished and generally enjoyed watching the kids playing. I shall miss it when we go back to normal. Sigh. Not to worry.

Anyway, enough of my wistfulness. I am off to pick up my needles and finish the boy’s new cardie. Will show pics of it, the poncho and the girl’s new dress I sewed for her next time. Til then.

Dawn xxx

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