Birthday BBQ, back to writing and taking the kids swimming

birthday balloon

Hello. Sorry I’ve not been around for a couple of weeks. I was busy getting things ready for hubby’s fiftieth birthday party and I had a bit of a bug. Back to normal now though.

So, firstly, hubby’s party. We had a barbeque in the back garden last Saturday for the family and a few close friends. I am so glad we opted for the Saturday because the days either side were horrendous…torrential rain and wind. Not a great combination for a party!!

Anyway, the day was great. People came at different times, so we were barbequing most of the afternoon as people came. We had burgers and sausages and veggie burgers. My mum made me some lovely little nibbles and apple pies. One of my sister’s made an amazing cheesecake and we all sat outside and ate and talked and generally had a good time. It was a little cold so I handed out some lap rugs. It was so nice to be able to use the garden, but it’ll be the last time this year…unfortunately on Sunday the weather turned for the worst and it’s been a bit changeable ever since.

So, to conclude this bit of my blog, I just wanted to once again wish my lovely hubby a happy birthday. Here’s to many more.

Time to get back to writing!

Time to get back to writing!

My life has been a bit taken up with preparing for the party (and recovering from it!! Hee hee) so I’ve not been up to a lot lately, although life has been really busy. I’ve set out a work plan for the sequel to Dusting Down Alcudia and have started working to that. Today, for instance, I’ll do a bit of writing and planning. I have finally caught up with the huge mountain of washing I had to do (I missed a whole washing day on Saturday because of the party, so it’s set me way back) and the house is finally back to normal.

Later today I’m taking the kids swimming. They both go to swimming lessons at our local pool, but I want to show the boy that swimming can be fun because he’s been a bit sticky about going for the lessons. He’s been going for more than a year now and hasn’t really progressed very far (well, I suppose at least now he’s going in without screaming the place down!). Anyway, I’m looking forward to that.

The rest of the weekend – apart from going swimming with my pal tomorrow – will be spent relaxing (reading, cooking, writing, meditating). I don’t know if it’s an age thing, but I find that if I have something on at the weekend, it throws me off for the week after and I need the following weekend to recover properly. I think it’s because I’m so busy all the time and don’t have a lot of down time. Anyway, I am so looking forward to doing nothing for a little while!!

Right, on that note, I want to get some of the Dusting sequel down before we get ready for swimming. Until next time!

Dawn xxx

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