Bleary itchy eyes and Aqua Marina

I was going to write something dead interesting in this blog, but my week has been taken up with feeling rubbish due to a horrible bout of Hay Fever. I just want to dunk my entire head in a bucket of water and leave it there. If it weren’t for the fact I am not built like Aqua Marina (ie having the ability to breathe under water)and that I’m vain enough to not want to go all pruney, I might just try it! As it is, I have finally relented to dosing up with a well known brand of anti- Hay Fever product and am hoping for the best. I say ‘finally relented’ cos I’m one of those annoying folk who would rather suffer from the headache/hay fever/sore throat etc than take medicine for it. It’s not because I am scared of taking medicine (far from it – as I child I always loved taking medicine, Benelyn being a favourite), but I just feel I soak in enough chemicals from my food, the air, water, off furniture and clothes, that I don’t want to add to the cocktail.

Anyway, I’ve taken it. Am not sure if it’s worked as am inside at the moment. We’ll see. As a teenager, I tried all sorts of Hay Fever ‘cures’ and never found one that worked without giving me other symptoms, so we’ll see for this one.

So how’s your week been? Mine has been a bit ‘same old, same old’. Watched the final episode in the series of Game of Thrones on Sky Atlantic and have still not found anyone I can discuss it with. I am desperate to talk about this programme because it is SO GOOD. Sigh.

I’ve also taken up reading Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. I can’t believe I have never read this. I was an avid reader as a child and would read all sorts of classic kids’ books and authors including E Nesbit and C S Lewis (two favourite authors), so why I didn’t pick up RLS is beyond me…unless it was too boyish for me at the time. Anyway, it’s a fantastic book. I am loving it and would recommend it to anyone who wants a bit of adventure in their lives.

Right am off to do a bit of writing of DI3. I’ve neglected this book this week due to being really busy with domestic stuff and feeling worn out due to the Hay Fever. Still, at least it’s been sunny here in Argyll the last couple of days…a welcome change to the torrential rain we’ve been experiencing lately. Enjoy your weekend.

Dawn xxx

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