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Dusting Down Alcudia

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The first in a brand new romantic adventure series by award winning Scottish writer, D A Nelson.

When top archaeologist Nina Esposito finds a famed treasure hunters’ journal, she knows it will lead her to a lost Roman necklace.
But when an ex and a rival archaeologist come on the scene, things suddenly get complicated as the pair compete for her heart.
Added to the mix is a shady local billionaire who will stop at nothing to snatch the jewels from under her nose.
Now she has to navigate through her confused feelings and find the necklace before anyone gets hurt. Failure just isn’t an option.


“A terrific, fast paced action adventure that I couldn’t put down,” Janice Mitchell.
“This romance is full of great characters and is a fantastic story.  I can’t wait until the next one is out.” Laurina Hewson

Available from Amazon as an ebook, paperback and large print paperback. Audiobook coming soon.  Buy the paperback and get the ebook free.  It will be available on other e-reader formats in the New Year.


The Jacobite’s Share (Nina Esposito book 2)

The Jacobite's Share ebook cover

When an argument leads to estrangement from lover Jay, Nina decides to take a research job at a Scottish castle to get away from her troubles.

Back in her native land, the plucky archaeologist soon finds herself up to her ears in a centuries-old mystery and attempted murder.

Now she’s got to find the Jacobite treasure before a would-be assassin picks off the handsome Laird and his equally gorgeous brother… a brother who has taken quite a shine to her.

And when Jay returns to her life, things will only get further complicated as his ex-fiancee shows up to create mayhem.

The second in the popular Nina Esposito Adventures, The Jacobite’s Share is a fast-paced adventure thriller full of darkness and danger.


Everything She Wants

Everything She Wants sample chapters

A new dark comedy that’s not for the faint-hearted! Warning: this book is rude and full of swear words.

When Susan decides there’s more to life than housework, her selfish husband and spoilt daughter, she runs away with a Wham tribute band to find herself and, hopefully, fame and fortune.

Along the way there’s the chance of happiness with a new man, but he might not be the knight in shining armour he had seemed.

Now Susan must choose whether to forge ahead with her new life or go back to her husband with her tail between her legs.

Available on Amazon now.





WINNER of the 2008 Royal Mail Awards for Children’s Books! A dragon with a grudge, a resourceful dodo, a talking rat and a young girl who learns to be brave. All on a quest that takes them into another world. For Morag, there’s nothing magical about the cellar of her cruel foster parents’ home. But that’s where she meets Aldiss, a talking rat, and his resourceful companion, Bertie the dodo. She jumps at the chance to run away and join them on their race against time to save their homeland from the evil warlock Devlish, who is intent on destroying it. But first, Bertie and Aldiss will need to stop bickering long enough to free the only guide who knows where to find Devlish: Shona, a dragon who’s been turned to stone. Together, these four friends begin their journey to a mysterious dark island beyond the horizon, where danger and glory await – along with clues to the disappearance of Morag’s parents, whose destiny seems somehow linked to her own… Terrifying, touching and funny, DarkIsle is a vivid and fast-paced novel of captivating originality.


DarkIsle Resurrection

 DarkIsle: Resurrection

The second book in the DarkIsle trilogy. Two months after she saved The Eye of Lornish, Morag is adjusting to life in the secret northern kingdom of Marnoch Mor. But dark dreams are troubling her and a spate of unexplained events prove that even with the protection of her friends—Shona the dragon, Bertie the dodo and Aldiss the rat— Morag is still not safe from harm.




DarkIsle: The Final Battle

All seems well in Marnoch Mor. Bertie the dodo, Aldis the rat and Shona the dragon are looking forward to a relaxing Christmas.However, Morag is having bad dreams -an old enemy is trying to reach her. And when another former foe turns up on her doorstep it is clear something is badly wrong.

Morag and her friends are soon forced to try and stand up to a powerful new threat, one more terrifying than they have ever encountered before.The battle for the DarkIsle of Murst must be won…or Marnoch Mor itself will be lost.



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A Children’s History of Glasgow

This non fiction book takes you through a brief history of the great city of Glasgow. Perfect for kids aged 8-12.