Buses, Farming and Buffy


Hello. How’s things? Hope you’re all well. What’s been happening in your world?

This month is the tenth anniversary of the publication of my first book, the award winning Darkisle. Happy anniversary Darkisle. Still really proud to have written you and your sequels.


The last couple of weeks have been spent doing washing…

…sigh. Above is what came down when I asked/demanded the kids tidy their rooms. I only have two kids by the way.

Also took the boy to Bridgeton to see the vintage buses in an open day. It was really good. I love vintage vehicles and we had a lovely afternoon searching for Lego characters amongst the lovely buses and other vehicles. We also went for a ride on an old Corporation double decker complete with rear entrance. Loved it.



I’ve been doing a fair bit of clearing out various cupboards and the garage. Now on first name terms with the guys down at our local dump I’ve been there that often.

Was also daft enough to agree to accompany the boy’s class on a school trip to a farm in Luss. I ¬†thought it would be a good bonding thing and the school is great so wanted to do something for them. We arrived at the back of 10am to pissing rain, knee high mud and several long and cold hours outside or under canvas/in sheds learning about farming. I grew up in a farming community so was bored early on. The kids were fine for about five minutes per subject (animals, grains, biodiversity, dairy etc) and then grew antsy. We had a few in our group who could not help themselves but be naughty. I think we would all have enjoyed it more if the day was shorter and it had been better weather. I came back damp and with a sore back from standing all day. We got back about 2.30pm. I had a hot bath and knocked back a bottle of wine later. I needed it badly. Here are a couple of coo and sheep pics…

Been getting the kids into Buffy the Vampire Slayer and they love it. I used to watch it in the 90s and it’s back on the telly so here’s a gratuitous cast shot cos I still love them…

Right on that note I am off to watch another episode. Til next time!

Dawn xxxx








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