Busy, busy as a bee

Busy bee

So, this week has whizzed by as I get back into the swing of things work wise. This week I have been editing the next Nina Esposito book, planning a new comedy book, genning up on social media through studying books and blogs on the subject, meeting with a potential new client for social media marketing (I am delighted to say I’m going to be doing some work for them, I’ll tell you more about that at a later date), attending my exercise classes, buying farewell gifts for a friend, taking the dogs out, doing my usual mountain of washing and ironing, and meeting friends for lunch.


So, how’s your week been? Hope it’s been a good one for you. Mine has been busy, but I feel like I’ve achieved a lot.

Epicures, Glasgow

Talking of going out for lunch, that happened today. I met two friends from a previous work at Epicures in Glasgow’s west-end. The restaurant recently re-opened after a refurb and the food was lovely. I had chicken shawarma in a flatbread and it was delicious. I’ll definitely go back again. We had a great time catching up and chatting about this and that. Was really nice to see them both so we’re going to do it again at some point soon.

Talking of the new Nina Esposito book – as I was earlier. I’m aiming to get that out before Christmas, so watch this space for more details. I’ve also got another three books waiting to be edited, but they won’t be out until next year, and the long awaited Dusting Down Alcudia audiobook should be ready for release soon.

So, what else has been happening? Well, not much. I haven’t had the time or energy to fit anything else in! 😉 However, I have been populating my new thrift blog – The Canny Lass. I started it as a way of focusing my mind on cutting back on our expenses, being greener and cooking more from scratch. It’s only just begun but I plan to populate it with tips on saving money, recipes and stuff like that.

I have one other website for my author services business, which is here. So, if you are an author looking for an editor or someone to format your book, get it touch.

Right, that’s me for now. I have cakes to make for my friends coming for tea tomorrow – it is a weekly thing we do. Til next time.

Dawn xxx

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