I have decided to do a Monday cake of the day purely for two reasons: I love cake and it amuses me. As I’ve missed this week’s Monday, here it is for this week only on a Tuesday.

So here’s my first one…I give you Chocolate Cake
chocolate cake

If you would like to share with me your favourite cake, please send me a message or send the info plus a jpg of your cake (the crazier the better!) and I’ll put it on this blog. Here’s my email address (I forgot to add it earlier!!):

Dawn xx

4 thoughts on “Cake-a-licious!!

  1. chocolate cake is of-course winning and super, but I raise you, a Bakewell Tart (homemade by me) and the ever wonderful very traditional Victoria Sponge with not so traditional buttercream. I have to say it,,,,,,food for thought……sorry

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