Cake, books and Cate Blanchett


Because it has been so miserable today what with Storm Callum hitting these shores, I have decided to cheer us all up by decorating this blog with happy sunshine pics. You are welcome!

So, how are you all today? Hope your day has gone well. I’ve had a great day. A couple of friends came over for tea and cake this morning and we spent a happy couple of hours putting the world to rights and catching up with family gossip.

This afternoon, I continued editing my next-to-come-out book. Its working title is Ham, but I’ll be giving it a better title once I’ve completed the edits. Nearly there…another day or so and I’ll be done. I am aiming to bring that book out by the beginning of December, so watch out for news on that.


Earlier in the week, me and the boy went to see The House With a Clock in its Wall and it was quite good. All the cast are excellent in it, but it’s Cate Blanchett who made it for me. She’s fab as always. Out of ten, I’d give it an eight and I’ll probably buy it for our DVD collection. It’s one of those films that grows on you. Word of warning, some it is quite scary, so wouldn’t recommend it for very young children.


Still reading Radclyffe Hall’s biography. I would be finished it by now had a certain Yorkie, who shall remain nameless, hadn’t gotten me up at 2am every night for the past week. I am shattered, so when I go to bed it’s straight to sleep. Tonight, I have given the dogs only dry food for dinner in the hope that Casper won’t need a pee in the middle of the night. He’s old enough to get through the night without peeing. Sigh. Wish me luck!

Talking of the dogs, Millie escaped tonight as I was leaving to go and pick up a carryout from our local Chinese restaurant. As per usual she scrambled under the hedge and ended up in my elderly neighbour’s garden. Correction: she made a beeline for his front door and stood there barking for food. This is a regular thing, she does it every time she escapes. Thank goodness my neighbour, who is a lovely man whom I consider a friend, loves Millie. He thinks she’s a hoot. To be fair, she is very fond of him. It is his fault because I have caught him throwing meat over the fence between our gardens for the dogs. Now the dogs think that they should go to his door at every opportunity. They are so funny. But it is a tad embarrassing!


This week I went through a period of feeling a bit down and here’s why: I have been binge watching the Netflix series Grace and Frankie (starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin) and now I’ve finished it to the end of series four. When is it coming back? I miss it. I loved the series. It’s so funny and very well written. The cast are fab. It used to really brighten my day and I ignored an untidy house many times just so I could sit down and watch it! Come back Grace and Frankie, I need you!

Right, on that note, I need to go. The girl has a friend staying over tonight, so I have to climb into the attic to get the blow-up bed down. Need to do this before I start drinking any more wine (had a glass already)! Til next time.

Dawn xxx


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