Castles, songs and kids

Hiya, how’s things? Sorry I’ve not been around lately…had a lot on! But it’s all been good stuff! Firstly I finally got my new cooker installed and it’s fab. Been cooking and baking like there’s no tomorrow. It’s funny how when my old cooker didn’t work, I went right off cooking. When the new one was installed, my cooking mojo returned! Hurrah!

Also, on Friday I popped along to St Ninian’s Primary School in Glasgow to see my friend Angela Speirs’ P4/5 class. Angela and her job share Louise Reid are involved in the science project I told you about before and they invited me along to see some of the things the kids have been doing. The science bit of it isn’t up and running yet, but that hasn’t stopped the class! Firstly, the kids sang me a fab song they had written all about DarkIsle. Then I was shown some of the creative writing they had been doing. I also signed some books and had a look at some of the work they’ve been doing on Scottish wildlife. Then I was asked to judge a castle making competition they had been doing. It was one of the hardest things I had to do…the castles were all fantastic!!¬† The winner was a lovely young lady called Niamh Prosser. Well done Niamh. Anyway, enough of me blethering on…here’s some pics!

How fab is this? This is a copy of the American cover of DarkIsle plus some of the creative writing the kids have been involved in.

No show without Aldiss and Bertie!

Their fantastic song.

Me, the kids and Mrs Speirs!

Niamh's winning entry.

Another fab effort...more fantastic castles to come...

A study of flowers.

Some more of their class work.

A study of renewable energy that the kids did with Heather the Weather, a very well known lady who used to do the weather on tv in Scotland.

Owls and badgers...these pics were lovely.

Some creative writing.

Some creative writing.

How good were those castles and pieces of artwork? Thanks to Angela and Louise and the kids for choosing DarkIsle for this project. I had a great time  and look forward to seeing them all again soon!!

Dawn x

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