Mills and Boon, Epictetus and Sarah Kendall

Timeshift’s How to Write a Mills and Boon – more about it later.

I cannot believe that tomorrow is October! Where did 2019 go to? Am I just showing my age here? Is the world speeding up because I am getting older? Or does it just seem so? Last week flew in. Must be because I have been working hard! Yeah, that’s it.

So, how are you? Hope you’re well. Got a few things to tell you, which is good. None of it seat-of-your-pants, diving off a huge cliff, bungee jumping exciting (NB I’d never jump off a cliff or bungee jump, not into that kind of thing… I will keep my feet firmly on the ground, thank you very much), but interesting and exciting in part as well.


Okay, the exciting thing this week is that I have finished formatting The Jacobite’s Share (the second in the Nina Esposito series) and I have now commissioned a cover designer to do the cover. It will be in line with Dusting Down Alcudia and I can’t wait to see what she comes back with. This week I plan to get around to finally finishing the audiobook of Dusting Down Alcudia and hope to have that up for sale on Audible next week. I know I have been talking about this for months, but it’s been me who has been holding it up. I just haven’t had the time I’ve been that busy with the second book and setting up my business.

Last week, I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for NaNoWriMo again this year. I have an idea for a book I want to write. I just hope that with all the other things going on in my life, I will be able to sustain the writing. Who knows!!

Talking of other things, my English Lit degree course resumes at the end of this week, which I cannot wait for. I have the books, I just need to get my head around to studying again. I loved it last year, so am looking forward to this year. This year should hopefully be focusing more on English Lit rather than the all round stuff of last.

Other news – I am continuing to work on my business ( and am starting to get more clients and business partners interested, which is great. I also did a really interesting training course about Developing Your Brand with the Business Gateway folk. It was really good and gave me some food for thought. I knew a lot about branding, having been involved in branding different services (etc) in past jobs, but I went along because I always think I could learn new things. And I did. Plus I got to meet some local business people and chat to them about their social media needs. I am going to follow up a couple this week to see if there is any business I can do with them.

Ashley Jensen (centre) is Agatha Raisin in the tv series.

What I am reading – bloody hell M C Beaton’s Agatha Raisin series it quite addictive. It’s highly entertaining and an easy read, which is what I’m looking for right now. I can read one in a day if I get the time to do it. Cranford has taken a back seat, I am afraid, but I will get back into it tonight. I just love it.

Sarah Kendall is Samantha in Frayed.

What I am watching just now – just started on the tv series called Frayed. It’s about an Australian woman who ran off to the UK, spun a web of lies, married a rich man and then her whole world falls apart. She ends up running back to Australia with her two kids in tow. It’s already hilarious. Can’t wait to see the next one. Binge watch? I think so!

Author Stella Duffy

I also watched a great documentary: Timeshift’s How to Write a Mills and Boon which had novelist, Stella Duffy, interviewing M&B fans and authors to find out what the fans wanted and how the authors wrote. And then she gave it a go herself. And found it incredibly difficult. It just shows you that although everyone thinks they can write these books, they are not as easy to write as you think. However, I thought Stella was an excellent presenter and the programme was highly entertaining.

So, what else have I been up to? Been tackling the garden over the last couple of days. Had a skip delivered to the garden last week, but because I was getting all gallus in Pilates and doing exercises I knew I shouldn’t but did anyway, I ended up putting my back out. It took til the end of the week – when the cold I’d been harbouring cranked up again – for the backache to subside. That’s why it took me til yesterday to start on the garden – there’s a fair amount of work needing done, but I’m getting there.

Right, I am going to finish here and go off and do something else. I will leave you with these immortal words by stoic philosopher Epictetus: “If you want to be a writer, write.” Never a truer word was said. So, that’s what I am away to do. Til next time.

Dawn xx

Storming ahead with writing

Hello and how are you all? Hope you are well. What’s been happening in your world lately? I’ve been enjoying the great weather we’ve been having. I even enjoyed the torrential rain we had earlier…my garden needs it.

Talking of the garden, I have been doing a lot of work in it. I cut the hedge, mowed the lawn and weeded the front garden. I planted some flowers in pots at my front door. I lopped a few branches off a few trees. Yes I have been a busy little bee this week.

I also finished my first draft of my latest book (it’s currently sitting at 75,000 words…the biggest book I have written to date) and am at the planning stage of a sequel for Dusting Down Alcudia.

Yes, I’ve been quite productive this week.

I’ve also set up a new author page on Facebook, which I will share with you on this site and my other, writers’ site, The Fiction Writers Friend Blog (still not sure about the name, but I wanted something that did what it said on the tin…if you catch my drift).

Other news and, well, there isn’t much other news. I have been so busy doing all the stuff I’ve listed that I haven’t had much time for anything else.

Oh, do you like the Monday takeover by Aldiss and Bertie? I hear they have another interview lined up – this time with Aldiss – on Monday.

Right, I am going  to do a wee bit more writing before bedtime. Til next time.

Dawn xx

Lego, Goldman and a Deep Deep Trench

Forgive me readers for I have been bad. I have not written this blog for some time and the only two excuses I can give are: The Gilmore Girls and work beginning in my garden. The former because I recently bought Netflix and have been glued to the Gilmore Girls, all seven series of it and the winter special. Finally finished it last night after around two-and-a-half weeks of watching it in between mum and housework stuff. There were loads of episodes so I blame the tv company that produced it for a) making so many episodes and b) making it so compelling that I quickly became addicted. Am now feeling bereft because not only is Gilmore Girls watched all the way through, but Game of Thrones has finished for this year. Sigh. My tv watching has suddenly gotten very dull. The second excuse is because we’re getting an extension and I’ve been moving things around in the garden. I removed the old metal swingset, laid a new patio in its place (hark me laying a patio and it actually turned out) and then, with my lovely friends (you know who you are, thank you so much for your help, it was much appreciated) moved the potting shed over so that when the extension is up it doesn’t shade out the potting shed. It was a lot of heavy work, but I am so pleased I managed to do it. Been taking on a lot more things this year, things my beloved hubby would have normally done, including cutting our hedge which is a heavy, tiring job. Feeling that I can do most DIY things now (God help us!) and  quite proud of myself. Watch this space for more makes.

Talking of Game of Thrones. Oh. My. God. Was that not the best series EVER or what? If you don’t watch it, you are so missing out on one of the most fabulous telly experiences ever. Do you remember when it first began and no-one (except me, it felt) watched it and I was bemoaning the fact that I had no one to talk to about? Then it was repeated and  loads more folk started watching it and it grew from there. Can’t wait til next year and the final series.

Right, so apart from shunting things around the garden, I’ve also been doing the odd wee escapade with the kids over the summer holidays. Apart from visiting the Riverside Museum in Glasgow (which we Glaswegians will still call the Transport Museum until we die cos that’s what the old museum used to be called), we also popped into Clydebank Town Hall to see the Lego exhibition. It cost me £13 to get the three of us in and, although it was quite cheap, I still don’t think it was worth the money. Don’t get me wrong, the models were great, but there wasn’t that many of them, I expected a bit more. Anyway, here are some of the models…

There was also a massive castle which for some reason I never took a picture of which is a pity because it was really good.

Anyway, I have also been reading a lot over the summer and most recently finished William Goldman’s Adventures in the Screen Trade: A Personal View of Hollywood. I love reading about writing and am currently going through a screenwriters’ books phase. Goldman is famous for a number of film scripts and books including Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Marathon Man, the Princess Bride and Which Lie Did I Tell?  The book is well written and full of great anecdotes and musings on how Hollywood works (or worked when he wrote the book…it was published in 1982). If you’re looking for an up-to-date book on Hollywood this isn’t the book for you. Instead it talks about the golden age and how things used to work comparing it to when things changed as tv became more prominent and how studio management changed in the 70s (ie how they were managed). Goldman is bluntly honest and self deprecating throughout. He takes a very measured look at Hollywood and is often funny. He’s the type of guy I think would be a great raconteur at a dinner party. Yup, liked this book. Looking forward to reading Which Lie Did I Tell?

What else have I been doing? You won’t want to hear about the boring stuff, the futile attempts I’ve been making to keep the mud out of my house brought in on the little clippy cloppy paws of the dogs. Our pug, Bonya, had to undergo an operation last week to remove a tumour from her leg. The vet doesn’t think it’s cancerous, but we’re going to keep a wee eye on her. She’s made a great recovery and is, as I write, lying at my feet snoring at the same level of decibels as a full grown man. Delicate pugs ain’t.

Obligatory cute pic of Bonya making herself at home on my bed.


You leave your phone down and before you know it one of the kids has decorated a pic.

I have a confession. I have not been writing. Again because of the aforementioned reasons, but also cos I’m a bit stuck about how to end the book I am currently writing. I’ve also been writing up ideas for two more books which I will start writing once I have the other book’s story down. I’ve printed off the 65,000 words I have written so far to re-read in the hope that inspiration will smack me in the face and get me back to the laptop. I do have a strong hope that this will happen. I mean, look at me…I’m actually writing my blog again so that’s a good sign! Right?

Okay, I am going to end this blog here. I have three wee dogs to take out for another walk. Because the back garden is off limits and now open to the street,  I cannot let them run about the way I used to. Apart from the fact one of them will definitely make a break for the street (Millie), I fear one or all three of them will end up the trench that was dug for the foundations. This has already happened. It was my fault, I stupidly drank some wine and then late at night fancied surveying the back garden from the kitchen door. I opened it and before I could stop her Millie (our white Jack Chi cross) ran past me and sailed into fresh air. Luckily she didn’t hurt herself and my daughter managed to coax her into jumping (that dog has springs in her heels). The girl caught her and dragged her out much to my relief as I didn’t fancy climbing into the trench. Apart from the fact it was dark and muddy, I didn’t fancy my chances of getting back out having consumed some wine. I had visions of me getting stuck and having to suffer the humiliation of having the fire service come out to rescue me. Luckily that did not happen. The back door is now kept firmly shut and I haven’t touched a drop since! Damn you wine! Millie lost her lovely pristine appearance that night and it was a brown, mud caked dog that I put into the bath that night to shower down. Thankfully she was not injured and was quickly back to her bossy ways. 🙂

Millie – none the worse for her impromptu flight.

Anyway, on that note, I’ll say adieu. Til next time.

Dawn xxx




Holidays and it’s a pug’s life

Okay so I sort of haven’t been around that much recently. Basically, me, the kids, my niece and my parents flew out to Orlando at the end of March, had three full days in Florida before joining a cruise ship at Port Canaveral for a trans Atlantic cruise back to Europe. It was a fantastic holiday, thoroughly enjoyed it and I would have told you all about it last week (we came back mid April) except I wasn’t well…I had a stinking cold for the entire holiday (not that it stopped me enjoying myself – see pic above of me on the upper deck enjoying my daily Bahama Mama cocktail!) and it got worse when we got back. Had to go on antibiotics to get shot of it. I don’t like taking tablets, but I had had this flamin’ cold on and off for five or six weeks. The antibiotics finally cleared the cold at the beginning of this week.

Anyway, regarding the holiday, I have lots to show you and talk about so I’m planning to do it over the next couple of weeks rather than doing a ginormous blog about it.

The other exciting news is that we’ve welcomed a new furry family member. Her name is Bonya (she was previously owned by a Russian lady) and she’s just adorable.

Unfortunately her previous owner had to rehome her, but I’m glad we’ve got her cos she’s a lovely wee dog. My other two dogs were a bit scared of her at first (although she’s the least scariest dog I’ve ever met), but are coming round now. She’s a terrible snorer, loves to give you big face licks (ew…I hate dogs licking me on the face and it’s a fight to keep her from doing it…she’s very determined!) and is very cuddly.

In other news, I took a major leap of faith and gave up my job this week. I feel that life is too short and I want to write for a living, so I’m going to give it a go. I made the decision months ago and it really feels right. I don’t really feel I’ve stopped work yet because I never work on Thursdays, but I think it will start to sink in next week when I don’t have to go. Just want to thank all my friends and colleagues at work for their generous gifts and see you all next week! People keep asking me what I’m going to do with my ‘retirement’, but I don’t view it as that…I am going to WRITE!! I am taking a couple of weeks off to get the house and garden in order and to chill out. Then I’ll start back writing again. Can’t wait.

Anyway, it’s getting late so I’m going to finish here. Til next time…and all the holiday tales to come!

Dawn xx

On an 80s vibe!

Hello there! How’s things? Hope you’re all well. I’ve not got much to report this week. Unfortunately, hubby has been in hospital again this week. I think this is the way it’s going to be from now on.

Anyway, I set this blog up to be anti-depressing. This is my happy place and I’m going to chat about things I love the most (apart from hubby and the kids that is!! They are the things I love the very most in the whole wide world!) and not sad things except this one…


… my beloved Darcy is getting elderly and has lost a fair bit of weight. I took him to the vet’s yesterday and she says he doesn’t have any obvious ailments and it’s probably old age. She gave me some build up food for him and he’s been taking it. He still seems quite chipper, so am hoping he goes on for a bit longer. We’ve had him since Christmas 2011 and he was nearly fully grown then so I reckon he’s about four-and-a-half to five-years-old which makes him an old man. Just hope he regains weight and lives for a bit longer. I’m very fond of him, he’s a lovely animal.

Talking of animals, the dog has been keeping us all going. We reckon she’s started to go through puberty as she’s been quite naughty this week. She’s been in the bad books quite a lot especially when she decided to leave a smelly present in my daughter’s room…again. There was a lot of screaming and shouts of ‘Millie!!! You’re a naughty dog!!!”. I couldn’t help but laugh (am such a bad mother!!).

Just started a new book F Scott Fitzgerald: A Biography by Jeffrey Meyers. Still have a fascination with the folks of the latter years of the Belle Epoch, so this is part of that. Only just started so can’t really tell you how it’s going yet, but so far so good. Here’s a pic of la Fitzgerald:

f_-scott-fitzgerald 1

And a gratuitous shot of the lovely Tom Hiddleston as Fitzgerald in Midnight in Paris

tom hiddleston

…cos as you know I love Tom Hiddleston. It’s a middle-aged wummin crush and very sad, I know!

Am also still reading Literature of the 1920s and a couple of gardening books. In case you’re wondering, this is normal for me…to read more than one book at a time. Can’t help it. Am a book addict.

What else has been happening this week? I’ve been enjoying the good weather and got my tomatoes started in the potting shed. Am looking forward to eating the tomatoes at some point in the near future! Have also got my seed potatoes out there and am growing some chilli peppers. This weekend, I will weed the garden and get the herb seeds in their pots. Just need to sow some carrots and onions and that’s a good start for this year. I may not have the allotment any more – had to give it up as I realised pretty quickly on hubby’s diagnosis of the cancer’s return that it would be too much work for me – but I can still grow things in the garden.

Talking of hubby, I’ve been on a bit of an 80s film vibe lately and insisted we watch Ruthless People the other night. I had forgotten how funny this film is.


It was excellent…recommend it!


Danny de Vito and Bette Midler are just fantastic! Not one for the kids though as there are a few fruity bits and bad language in the film! Am thinking Mannequin might be next for the 80s film night! It’s another favourite of mine!



Ah the memories! Anyhoo, enough of my reminiscing about my teen years. I’m going to finish up here, go grab a cup of tea and take it to bed with a good book (I know, I’m such a party animal! Friday night and I’m reading in bed! The thing is: it’s one of my favourite things to do). Til next time!

Dawn xxx



Things I did this week




Hello. How’s things? Hope you’re all hail and hearty. What’s been happening in your world? Hope you’ve had a good week. This week I finished all my painting, but didn’t get round to cleaning the carpets…

...and yellow...

…and yellow…

I did manage to finally clean out my study. It took me a couple of days. Unfortunately it’s become a bit of a dumping ground for everything plus the Guinea Pigs are in there and they are little mess makers in their own right.

...and pink...

…and pink…

The dog is VERY interested in the Guinea Pigs and we have to make sure she is never on her own with them. Although they are almost as big as she is, I think there’s a good chance her terrier instincts will kick in and she might kill them.

...and green...

…and green…

The kids and I went a walk along the back of Helensburgh last week and it was fantastic. The walk takes you into the Duchess Woods and it was invigorating. The views were nice and the weather was dry, but blowy (the type of blowy that gives you sore ears and mussed up hair). Me and the boy searched for fairies in upturned tree stumps (the girl is just too old now for that) and the dog had a ball running into mud and feeling the wind pull her ears back like streamers. We then went to Helensburgh for some ice cream at Vanilla/I like Candy. We may have considered going to Dino’s, but the man was so nasty to my girl a couple of weeks ago (she was in there with her friend) that we are now boycotting the shop. In fact, we’ll never buy anything in there again. I hate it when adults think it’s okay to treat young kids badly. She asked him for a bag and he was really off with her.



I’m still reading The Corfu Trilogy by Gerald Durrell and loving it.

We didn’t much else this week. We have taken the dog for walks, I’ve drank a few bottles of wine (well, I am on my holidays!) and did a lot of cleaning and washing (I think our washing machine is on the blink…just testing it now). I also managed to spill an entire bucket of bleachy water all over the kitchen floor (including over my feet)…took me about ten minutes to get it cleaned up properly (after I’d shut the dog in the living room as she insisted on tap dancing across the wet floor!).

...and orange...

…and orange…

I’ve finally started writing again. I have this idea mulling about in my head and I started getting it down this afternoon. Felt good. Hope I can keep it up.

...and bloooooooo...

…and bloooooooo…

Saw a few folk this week too including family and friends.

I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too!

I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too!

But most of all I enjoyed having a wee bit of time to trawl the internet, read my books (I’m also reading Arianna Huffington’s Thrive) and potter about the garden a teensy bit (although the weather’s been a bit off this week…back to being bitterly cold).

Sigh. Back to work tomorrow. Oh well! Maybe some day I’ll be able to give up this working malarkey and be a lady of leisure (who reads a lot). Talking of reading, I also cleared out four bags worth of books which I donated to my local library.  This is good for me as I never get rid of books. My personal library was getting out of hand, though, so I had to do it.

Right on that note, am away to continue watching Rachel Khoo’s cookery programme Little Paris Kitchen. Til next time!


A parsnip broke my spade


I was down the allotment this morning (see pic above – as you can see, it needs a lot of work done to it) digging up an area where we’re going to put in a potting shed. I was there for about an hour in the sleet and high wind.


Here I am sans makeup (my eyes water in the cold and I end up looking like a panda if I wear mascara) and very very cold.

Anyway, I was in the process of digging up a particularly tough bit of root…parsnip root…it was huge when this happened to my spade.


I put my foot down and the top corner snapped off. All because of a parsnip…you can see the root ball behind the spade, but here’s another picture of it…(sorry about the blurry pic…I think I was so shocked how big it was, you can’t really see it’s size from this unfortunately).



Anyway, I have a long way to go with the allotment. There’s a fair bit to do, but I’m taking it in wee bites. I have a couple of friends who have offered to help out which is great.

I may go down again tomorrow depending on the weather. It was bitter cold today, sleety, hailstones and very windy. I wasn’t cold though thanks to all the digging and heavy lifting I was doing plus a flask of tea.

20160130_113952The sun did peek out a couple of times, but I dug up the foundation area where our potting shed will be (see below – this is it half way) mostly in sleet. Still I’m feeling all smug and pleased with myself for doing the work, although my arms are a bit sore from the digging.  NB note abandonned glove in pic below…it was once pink. Looks like some sort of Thing crawling towards the spade!


Right, am away to do other stuff. Until next time.
















Super fans, super heroes and super veg

Am writing this blog a day early…well the night before the day I’d usually do a blog. I’ve got a busy day ahead tomorrow, so I thought I’d get a head start by doing the blog earlier.


How are you all? Hope you are all good. Am currently watching Tom Felton Meets the Super Fans. It’s really fun. He’s been interviewing various stars about their super fans including Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint. J K Rowling even makes an appearance. He’s currently at a Comic Con convention somewhere – it looks like – in England (I think). I’ve always fancied dressing up and going to one of those conventions. It looks like a total laugh. Not sure who I would go as…hmmmm. Catwoman? Elektra? Emma Frost? Hit-Girl? Lara Croft? They are all a good bit younger (and thinner than me), but it would be fun. Who would you go as??


This week has been relatively quiet. Over the weekend there, I was just pootling about doing what I have to do around the house or with the kids. I love Saturdays because I get a long lie (well, as long as the boy sleeps til) and then I take the girl to ballet and spend a sweet hour on my own, eating a roll and bacon in a local café whilst digging into my latest book. Then I pick her up and take her home and the rest of the afternoon stretches out before me.

If only I could grow veg that looks like these and those in the pics above!

If only I could grow veg that looks like these and those in the pics above!

Last weekend, I dug out my plastic greenhouses and set them up in the garden with the help of hubby. Putting the biggest one up was like doing the Krypton Factor (remember that?), it was so complicated. The worrying thing is that while it looks correct, we have a couple of bits left over. Hmmmmm. Hey, it’s up and it looks fine so I’ve just put the extra bits inside the greenhouse and studiously ignore them every time I go near it. The other, smaller, greenhouse was easy to put up. This weekend, I will sew a few seeds and see if anything grows. Am planning to grow lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes and carrots. That’s the plan, but whether or not I can successfully grow them is another matter. Have only managed a few spindly carrots and some potatoes before!

Anyhoo, can’t believe it’s mid week already. The days are flying past. Next thing I know it’ll be the summer hols and then Christmas! It’s mad!

Moving on, am currently reading Edmund Crispin’s The Case of the Gilden Fly which is a murder mystery (quelle surprise!) about an Oxford Professor and amateur detective investigating the murder of a nasty actress called Yseut Haskell. It’s wonderfully old fashioned (it was written in 1944) and quite funny in bits. I’m thoroughly enjoying it although I do feel it’s a murder mystery where all the aspects of the story have been thrown up in the air and allowed to land wherever. It feels a little disjointed in places, but that could just be because of its age.

Right, time is getting on. Soon be beddy time. Til next time!!


Why does it always rain when I want to garden?


What is it with Mother Nature? Does she know that the only time I am inclined to garden are the same times she decides it’s going to rain…hard? I’m having a bit of a long weekend due to the fact the kids are off school. I don’t actually get these bank holidays at my work, so have taken them off as annual leave. However, our local school does get them. Anyway, I’m off and had different plans for the days:

– Friday was socialising day with my friend Tracy coming round for tea and buns, and my friend Mac coming round for a double dunter of Game of Thrones (she doesn’t have Sky so she comes to mine to watch it…it’s “torture” for me having to watch it all over again…NOT!)

– Saturday was visiting my parents day and eating the ginormous lunchtime feast my mother always puts on…I love it. I feel totally pampered and her cooking is ace. She makes her own quiche, pizza and bread which are just amazing. I didn’t even cook last night, my darling husband went out for a sausage supper for us. I know…bad for the waistline, but so good on the lips!!

– Sunday was to be sowing seeds day, but it’s a bit soggy outside. I did go out anyway, but the rain has driven me back inside. I did manage to finish weeding the drive and some of the plant pots. I sowed the potatoes, salad, carrots and spinach and sorted out the little plastic tunnel I have for my plot. I didn’t manage to get my other greenhouse (which is plastic) out from its winter lodgings in the garage, but maybe I’ll manage it tomorrow. Apart from the rain, there’s also been a bit of thunder!! Anyway, today hasn’t been a total loss. I woke up really early and went downstairs where I baked two loaves, made pancakes, emptied and filled the dishwasher, put the dryer on, put the washing on and generally tidied up. I managed a good hour of reading quietly on the sofa before everyone else got up…hubby first and the kids second (they were driven downstairs by the tantalising and all too appealing smell of the pancakes I was making!!)

Currently reading: Dodie Smith’s The New Moon with the Old. Am thoroughly enjoying it. The only thing that’s spoiling it is the amount of typos in the book….come on Constable Robinson, you can do better than that in future! Have someone read it over before you print!! One to three typos are acceptable, but I must be on about eight by now. Anyway, excellent book and I’d recommend it.

Right on to why boys can be disgusting. My boy had his friend over for tea on Thursday night straight after school. Thursday was school sports day and, although it threatened to chuck it down all day, it didn’t rain. We mums (and a couple of dads) sat together, dished out way too much picnic food, drank tea and chatted whilst cheering our offspring on. After it finished, the boy and his pal joined me and my girl in the car and we went home. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the dynamic duo went out into our estate and came back all elated holding something in their grubby little mitts.

My boy said: “Look mum! Look what we found!”

He held out his hand. His friend held out his hand. Between them they had part of the shell of a teeny tiny crab. My boy had a claw. His friend had part of the body and a claw. Ew! At least it wasn’t the squashed dead mouse my nephew brought back to his mum when he was four!!

Talking of nephews, my littlest nephew (aged two) was out playing in his garden and presented his mum with a pocketful of live snails!!

So, there you are: proof that boys can be disgusting!


Not great picture quality!

Not the actual crab, but something like it!

Anyway, on that note, I must fly. Am in desperate need of a cup of tea and maybe one of the Anzac biscuits I made on Friday. Mmmmmm.

Til next time!


Dawn xx



beachWhat is this weather like? It’s peeing down outside and it’s barely stopped all day. Sigh. The wee fella was keen to go outside and weed the garden too! Don’t know what’s wrong with him! Maybe he was switched at birth. Weeding isn’t exactly my idea of a fun time, so am secretly pleased it’s too wet to do that!! Tee hee.

My little-est sister (in age, not height, cos she’s taller than me) has started a new blog.  It’s called VickyvvDomesticity. I wish her well with it.

My aunt celebrates a big birthday today. I’ll not say how old she is, cos a lady never tells, but she’s still looking fab! Happy birthday Donna! 25 again!!

What else has been happening? Not an awful lot. Visited my pal Mandy last week. Mandy’s a very talented illustrator and has just brought out a new book Scary Scottish Castles which is available via Historic Scotland at various Scottish castles, including I’m told, Edinburgh. Mandy’s excellent sense of humour shines through in her images, so if you’re visiting one of our lovely Scottish fortresses soon, mind and pick on up. The books are aimed at kids, but are full of interesting info that wee adults will enjoy too!! Anyway, she was recovering from a broken shoulder, so I took her over some cakes and we had a great wee blether over tea and munchies. Was good to catch up.

Am a bit short on the old words this week because although I’ve been busy, I’ve not been doing  a lot that’s been newsworthy. Been baking loaves and checking my seedlings in the wee greenhouse out the back. Meant to transplant them into bigger tubs today, but have been feeling a bit off colour, so am leaving it til later in the week. Am growing tomatoes, potatoes, spinach and a couple of things that will be a complete surprise because I totally forgot to put a label on them! hee hee!

Right am off to make the packed lunches for tomorrow. Until next time!

Dawn xx