Telly addicted dog

The moody Clyde…an image I took of a moody River Clyde last week

Hello, how are you? Hope you’re all well. Sorry I’ve not been around lately. I’ve had the Dreaded Lurgy aka a really bad cold that’s been doing the rounds here in Central Scotland. My poor son brought it into the house and, just when I thought I had managed to skip it, it whammied me from the side. He was off school with it for most of last week and is a lot better now. I got it a few days later. Anyway, today I’m feeling better and starting to get back into doing stuff.

Because I’ve been almost housebound over the last week to ten days, I haven’t been doing anything much other than watching tv and reading.  Over the weekend, when the cold was reaching its crescendo, I binge-watched The Hobbit trilogy again. I love fantasy and love those films. I’ve been watching Gavin and Stacey again. I tried the US version of Ghosts. Watched three episodes and gave up on it. Not a patch on the UK one, I’m afraid. It just felt flat compared to the original.

The River Clyde, different day, nicer weather.

I finished reading Denise Mina’s excellent Rizzio. It’s about the night Mary, Queen of Scots’ secretary, David Rizzio, is brutally murdered. It’s full of darkness and tension, and there is the ‘will they, won’t they’ as to whether the perpetrators will also kill the pregnant Queen. It’s superb. I recommend it. If you love history, if you love tales of bloodthirsty murders, this is the book for you.


Casper watching my daughter’s ipad.

Right, I’m going to finish up now. Still not 100%, so finishing while I’m winning. That last image is of my Yorkie, Casper watching guinea pigs on my daughter’s i-pad. He’s obsessed with it. He has his favourite videos and harasses her until she puts in on for him. He also enjoys dancing fruit, small parrots (not cockatoos – they frighten him) and some K Pop bands. It’s like living with a telly addicted toddler.

Til next time.

Dawn xx

She’s out!



Now available!!

Envy loves her life as an assassin working for the Sisters of Sin…until her ex, Adam, shows up begging her for help.

Someone’s forcing children into slavery on African cocoa plantations.

Pretending to be a couple, Envy and Adam fly out to the Ivory Coast to investigate.

What they find sickens even her … and now she’s armed and angry.

Enemies to lovers. Action and adventure. Fake relationship. Steamy Sex. Envy has it all.

A quick catch-up or what I’ve been doing in between writing

So, as you know I’ve been really busy finishing the first couple of drafts of Envy and that is now with my editor. But it’s not the only thing that’s been happening lately.

Firstly, my degree course has started up again. This time it’s advanced creative writing and I’m loving it already.

Second, my lovely friend, J, took me to see the musical The Book of Mormon in Edinburgh. It was the first time I’d seen it and it was phenomenal. My face hurt so much by the end of the show, I was smiling so much and laughing that hard.  It’s about some Mormons who go to Africa to convert the locals and it’s hilarious. The songs are great as well. I really recommend this show, but only if you’re not easily offended.

Third I went with another friend to see Mrs Harris Goes to Paris at a cinema in Glasgow and it was lovely. The Dior dresses were to die for, and it was a beautifully put together film. It’s got a real feel-good feel to it, so if you’re fed up and want a cheer up, I’d recommend it.

Lesley Manville is Mrs Harris whose one dream is to go to Dior in Paris and buy a designer dress. She plans to wear the dress at a dance in her local area. There are many hiccups along the way, but she does get to Paris and Dior.  I’ll not tell you anymore. Go and see it, it’s lovely.

Ooh and it’s also a book…

What I’m reading just now: The Marvellous Miss Marie Corelli: Queen of Victorian Bestsellers by Teresa Ransom .  It’s all about the author Marie Corelli who was a best-selling writer in the late Victorian era. She’s a fascinating woman: she’s got a mysterious past and was a wee feisty woman who stood up for herself against the tyrannical reviewers of the British press.  I’m really enjoying it. I’d never heard of Marie Corelli up until recently and decided I really had to learn more, which is why I bought the book. The book itself is well written and chronicles her life from her younger years until her death in 1924, and her very long friendship with her companion Bertha Vyer. No-one knows if they were more involved or not, but Bertha played a big part in her life.

Anyway, time for me to go.  I’m going to have a cup of tea, watch some telly and then go and pick my daughter up from her friend’s house in about an hour-and-a-half. Such is my exciting life!

Till next time!

Dawn x

Cover reveal for my next book

Hello! How are you all? Hope you’re having a good week. I’ve been working away on my next novel in the Sisters of Sin series. This one is about an assassin whose codename is Envy. Her real name is Izzy, she’s Scottish and a bit of a hard-nut. She’s got a small farm on a mountain overlooking Loch Lomond where she provides a home for various waifs and strays. Anyway, I think I’ve given you enough for now, you’ll have to wait for the book to come out to learn any more.

So, what have I been up to apart from telling Izzy’s story? I’ve been having fun putting up videos on my Tik Tok account (@danelson70). There was one where I duetted with Beaubull, it was hilarious, but you’ll have to go over to my Tik Tok account to see it.

Myself and the boy did a fair bit of walking this week with the two younger dogs. We walked around a local beauty spot called Ardmore Point. When I say we walked around, I actually mean we got more than halfway there when stopped to have a snack and a drink.  Then I realised I had lost my car keys so we were retracing our steps when I found they had slipped through a hole in my jacket pocket and were inside the jacket. Phew. It was good though as we met a friend of mine I hadn’t seen for a while. She was walking with her dog and her daughter, so we had a fab catch-up.

Yesterday, we took the dogs up Ben Bouie, which is a local mountain. We got most of the way there, but it was really hot and we were all suffering so we stopped for lunch and to give the dogs some water. We stopped at a point overlooking Loch Lomond and it was just lovely. We were both exhausted last night. My son normally goes to his bed after midnight, but he was fast asleep by 9pm.  😉

A week tomorrow, this beauty launches. This is the third book in the Sisters of Sin series and is by the fantastic Sofia Aves. I just love Sofia’s writing and this book is amazing. Get it here:

Right that’s me for just now. I’m just about to go and make tonight’s dinner. So, until next time,

Dawn xx