Chocolate cake and paper mache

Oh dear!

I had the ‘brilliant’ idea of letting the kids do some paper mache-ing this morning! We decided to make paper mache plates and spent a happy 20 mins getting very mucky in my study. Above is what’s left! I’ve left the plates to dry and we’ll go back to them tomorrow. It was just the type of dirty messy activity the kids love to do.

Heavenly chocolate cake...decorated with Nutella and Maltesers (didn't have time to do the proper icing).

Above is all that remains of a chocolate cake I made (from Jane Brocket’s Cherry Pie & Ginger Beer book…I think I’ll make something out of this every week…that’ll be torture! Not!) yesterday morning for my friend Tracy coming. Let’s face it, us greedy lot totally demolished it! Yum! Also made another Sophie Dahl loaf, which we will have shortly with Mexican spicy scrambled eggs. Double Yum!

Also, the little doll I made for the boy – still to be clothed, but that’s on my to-do list today after lunch, after we’ve gone for a walk, after I’ve done a bit of work on DI3 and after a cup of tea (maybe I’ll make him clothes as I sit and watch the second part of the latest Dr Who adventure!). I call him Jasper and toyed with the idea of putting a little green felt fig leaf on his body, but I thought that would be ridiculous!

Right am off to make lunch. The boy is twitching to eat yet another Easter egg leftover from April! He’s getting all antsy and annoying. Speak to you soon.

Dawn xxx

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