Clothed at last!

Jasper finally has clothes

Finally got round to making poor naked Jasper a t-shirt and jeans. I sewed them by hand and one seam is unravelling at the shoulder, so I’ll have to go over it again. Apologies for the poor quality of the pic.

The teepee.

Above is the bottom section of the teepee I made for the kids. The boy is hidden inside surrounded by his toys. You can just see his elbow.¬† I’ll need to take another pic so you can see the teepee in its complete splendour!

This is going to be a short blog today as have contracted the Lurgy again. What is it about nurseries and schools that produce so many germs that are then carried home and spread around the family? The boy was back at nursery for one day, caught the cold (which he still  has РI have the snotty arms of his t-shirts, jumpers and coats as proof) and then gave it to the rest of us. We were healthy the whole summer! Sigh.

Right, enough of my moaning. Am away to write. I need to write an entire chapter by tomorrow if I am to keep to schedule. I reckon I could do a good bit of it.

Dawn xxx

2 thoughts on “Clothed at last!

  1. I love the little people you knit and sew, they are great characters and have such varied exressions. Sorry you are suffereing with the dreaded sniffles again. I was fine until I went into a ‘humid’ ASDA on Saturday and now have the same problem. Scotland and NW England have had a horrible wet and cold summer so it’s hardly surprising we haven’t built up any extra resistance to these things. At least you can escape to your DarkIsle and me to my dolly ‘Playroom’. Hoping you have a good ( and productive) week, Eli x

    • Hi Eli
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I love your work too and have been following your blog for some time. I know what you mean ref the weather – you would think we’d all be used to it by now! I don’t understand shops that put the heating up to tropical, especially in the winter because shoppers come in from the cold wearing outdoor clothes into a too hot atmosphere. I once complained to staff at M&S one bitterly cold day cos I couldn’t stand the heat in the shop and had to leave and they looked at me like I was daft. Anyway, enough of my witterings! Hope you feel better soon. Have fun in your dolly playroom – I am looking forward to the next installment! Oh, just taken a quick peek…am away to send you a comment. Dawn x

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