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Berlin. Present Day.

It’s a fact of life that opposites attract. So, when SOS assassin Alex Greir, aka Greed, bumps into Nick Walker in a Berlin nightclub, sparks begin to fly.

An MI6 agent, Nick’s been sent by the British Government to infiltrate the Sisters.

But, one look at the beautiful Alex and he’s smitten.

He’s got a new mission now: to tame the feisty blonde and make her his own.

However, the gorgeous Alex has other ideas. She’s no pushover for a handsome face.

Then she finds out who he really is…

…And all hell breaks loose.

Gripping, sexy and electrifying, this is the story of Greed. She’s bent on stopping the plot to destroy the Sisters, whilst falling for the enemy.

Can she stop the attacker from striking again? And will she and Nick survive long enough to persuade the Sisters that he’s changed sides?

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