Cupid’s arrow at the dinner table and Mod dancing

Last weekend was a bit of a busy one for me, hence the reason why I am only now getting round to writing my blog. We had my daughter’s friend over for a sleepover on Friday night and the two of them were still up (with the light on and playing) at the back of 11pm…much to my sleepy-headed annoyance. They got up early the next day too and I made pancakes. We also had chocolate cake and cream – not for breakfast, but for treats the day before (cake = the Jane Brocket recipe from Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer, it’s really good with clotted cream). My son, three-years-old and gorgeous, took a real shine to this young lady who came to stay. At the dinner table on the Friday night, it was as if Cupid’s arrow had struck him. He was all bashful and making big eyes at her, asking her questions and laughing uproariously (and falsely) at anything he or she said. It was amusing to watch. He now wants to marry her as well as Miss Hooley from Balamory.

On Saturday, hubby and I dropped the offspring at my parents and then ran for it! Well, we drove into town (Glasgow), booked into our hotel (Abode in Bath Street) and spent a happy afternoon eating lunch (Sarti’s), shopping (hubby, not me, I hate shopping) and relaxing (me). That night we ate at Abode before going to a local bar (can’t remember its name) for the Argyll Roadrunners’ (they are a Mod scooter club of which hubby is a member) dance. There was a live band and I danced all night. In fact if you go on their website, there are pics of the night with me boogying (am in black dress with a big up-do).  It was a great night and everyone was so nice and friendly. If you are reading this and you live near Glasgow, the club and other scooter clubs are going to the new Transport Museum on June 25 (I think). They’ve been invited to come down to see it. I can’t go cos on that morning I have a long established date with my mum to go for a jaunt round the famous Barras market in the city (I’ll take pics). We used to go a lot before I had the kids cos we both love the stalls, the interesting things to see and the atmosphere. It was also a fave haunt of my grampa Bobby (my mum’s dad) when he was alive.

Barras Market

Barras Ballroom - I saw a lot of great bands here!

Sunday, we picked the kids up after lunch and spent a quiet rest of the day at home…we needed it.

The rest of the week has been spent working and not doing very much writing or crafting. Sigh. I’ve got a quieter weekend planned ahead, so the old laptop will be back out and I’ll be writing up DI3. In those precious spare moments when I don’t have to look after someone else/iron/cook dinner/write/do housework/give into demands for treats, I will finish of the brightly coloured socks I’ve been knitting and make poor old Jasper (the little boy doll I made for my youngest) some clothes…finally. He’s still ‘nicked (sic) as the day he was boran (sic)’ as my youngest sister used to say when she was tiny (or in English: naked as the day he was born).

In the immortal words of Daisy Dalrymple, the erstwhile heroine of the Carola Dunn novels of which I’ve grown fond of reading (they are an easy read and quite enjoyable)- toodle-oo!

Dawn xxx

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