Curry and peace

Yesterday, my parents came and took the kids out for lunch leaving me and hubby a blissful afternoon to ourselves. We jumped in the car and drove into Glasgow for a spot of lunch and shopping for a new mirror for our living room. We ended up at Dining In with Mother India

Dining In With Mother India

a little Indian restaurant right across the road from the lovely Kelvingrove Museum & Art Gallery. I had a prawn curry, hubby a free range chicken curry. They were heavenly. I’m definitely going back! They also do a great deal of a takeaway cold meal for two for £8.50 which you heat up from home. It’s our wedding anniversary soon, so I think a wee jaunt into the westend for a curry for two is in order!

The funny thing about curry is that I never used to like it. It wasn’t until I met my hubby – a major curry fan like most Glaswegian men seem to be – that I got into it and what a fantastic thing it is.

Anyway, we returned home mid afternoon to find my hyper offspring and my parents already home. They had just got in after a spot of lunch and then a walk up at Lomond Shores, Loch Lomond.

Lomond Shores

These are a set of shops on the banks of the beautiful Loch Lomond and there are really nice walks around there too. The kids were exhausted, but bouncing. I think my parents were tired too…our two can be quite a handful at times, they are just bursting with energy. So thanks mum and dad for giving us some time off…it was great.

After tea, apple pie and lemon meringue pie (both courtesy of M&S in Dumbarton…yum), my parents left to go home and, no doubt although they didn’t say it, peace and quiet. The wee one went for a sleep, my daughter went upstairs to play Lego Star Wars with her dad on the PS3. I settled down to Castle (I love murder mystery, policy type things especially American ones…they always seem that little bit slicker than their UK counterparts). I like Castle cos it’s about a writer, the same way I like You’ve Got Mail and other programmes/films where the main character is a writer. It inspires me.

It was a great day and now I am paying for doing very little housework yesterday: a mountain of ironing! I did, however, manage to finish chapter 8 of DarkIsle 3 and am planning to do a bit more today once I’ve finished this blog. Ironing can wait!!

Dawn x

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