Wandering round our local Dunelm Mill (Clydebank) in October, I came across a couple of offcuts of curtain material. They are a lovely gold colour with leafy design that I just love. I had gone to the shop to buy red lining fabric for my daughter’s vampire cape and couldn’t resist the offcuts. I think they cost me around £7 to buy and now I am finally going to do something with them…they are going to make fab curtains for my study.  Plus the act of creating them will finally get me over my fear of curtain making (I know, it’s weird cos curtain making is supposed to be really easy).

So, this morning, whilst my children stroked the fabric and picked up threads, I took the first steps of cutting out the fabric. I have also removed the hideous pinky curtains that were already up and, I’m ashamed to say, have been there for the entire nine years we have lived in this house (whaaaat???!!?? I’ve been busy!). I intend to start sewing later today and will post up a picture of said curtains once done. Am am desperately hoping they will not be a disaster!!

Am also in the middle of knitting me a very conservative looking cardie (well, it is for work), although I have that sinking feeling that I don’t have enough wool to complete the project. Bought the wool out of a charity shop and there was loads of it and I even weighed it to check there was enough, but still that wee voice that says ‘You’re going to end up with a cardie with no band’ continues to nag. Sigh.

On another note, have been getting into this again…

The first series has been running again on Sky and I’m loving it. It’s so funny and I can’t understand why hubby won’t watch it. He’s gotten into other comedies I’ve put him on to in the past (Spaced, to name one), but won’t even give Dharma & Greg a try. Aw well! I will continue enjoying it on my own.

Finally on the writing front I am getting back into it again. Am all inspired and refreshed from being off work for a couple of weeks (hopefully this feeling will last!) plus have a bit of time on my hands for a change. I have a little project to complete (nearly there) and am looking forward to devling into DarkIsle 3…starting tonight!!

Dawn x

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