Death by wine…a true story

Okay, so it’s not a real person, but I miss it none-the-less. My mobile has died and I’m in mourning for it. No more the sneaky buys from Amazon from the comfort of my bed whilst hubby watches late night telly downstairs, no more texting my mad friends and cackling over the things they say, and no more photos and films from the lives of my young family over the last few months (I only hope I’ve downloaded most of them).

What happened was this: I noticed we were running out of bread, so sticking to my plan of trying to walk everywhere within a mile of the house, I decided to walk. I decided to leave my shoulderbag at home so there was less to carry, so popped my mobile into a shopping bag along with the keys to the house and my purse. Me and the chicks (complete with scooters) then walked the 15 minutes to the shops in our village.

All was well and good. We went into the shop, I picked up a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine (for that evening – it was Friday), the kids got sweeties, we paid and then left. Still all was good. The chicks scooted on ahead and it was fine.

Time came to cross the railway line (we are allowed to do this) and scoot along the river heading home. Unfortunately this was when disaster struck. The boy’s scooter hit a bad patch of road and he went head first into the dust with a scream. It was my fault, I forgot what was in the bag!! I put the bag on the ground (I didn’t slam it into the ground, just placed it) and went to help my boy up. I brushed him down, kissed him better and it was then I noticed it…wine was spilling out of the shopping bag like blood from a corpse. It oozed into the dusty road. I opened the bag…yup the bottom of the bottle was smashed. We walked on a bit, I took the bread, keys and my poor old mobile out of the bag (it was soaking) and put the bag and the remnants of the glass bottle into a bin near the station. I cleaned off my mobile the best I could, but it still gave out a couple of death chirps before going blank.

We rushed home.

When we arrived, I opened up the mobie and dried it all inside. I put it on the boiler to dry, I put it in a bag of rice to draw out the moisture, I did everything I could…but it is well and truly dead. Death by wine. I have ordered a replacement phone – a secondhand one – and hopefully it’ll come next week. That was probably the most expensive bottle of wine ever…it’s costing me around £160 for the phone. Sigh.

So if you are a friend of mine who has been texting me and wondering why I’m not replying it’s because my mobile phone is now in mobile phone heaven. I will get back to you (if I can and the SIM card has all the contacts on it) as soon as I can.

Dawn xxx

2 thoughts on “Death by wine…a true story

  1. these sad situations outlined above are just the reasons (plus I can’t work an android and my blackberry nearly was launched out the window) that I opted for a wee £10 phone on a £2.50 a month rolling contact.

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