I decided to wait a couple of days before giving my opinion on what’s been happening over the last couple of days.

1) I am extremely disappointed that it was a no vote – what other country gets the chance to vote for independence and doesn’t go for it? I can only shake my head in disbelief. I know for a fact that more people would have voted yes had they not been so fearful about what independence might do economically. The scare tactics worked beautifully for the Better Together campaign. They really put the cat among the pigeons by saying jobs, pensions and the pound were in jeopardy. The thing is, many people I know who voted no only did so because of the uncertainty about the economy. The phrase: ‘My heart says yes, but my head says no.’ was said to me many, many times by different people in the run up to the election. So to say this was the will of the Scottish people isn’t exactly correct – the Better Together Campaign terrified some people into voting no. If they hadn’t been so scared, I wonder if they would have voted yes and the independence thing would have carried through. I’ll never know now.

2) The shenanigans in George Square last Friday were carried out by bigoted idiots who have no place in a modern Scotland. Shame on them for bringing everything down to their blinkered, nasty, ignorant level. It wasn’t just the violence and the hatred they were ensuing, but they also burned their own flag! What’s that about? Bloody idiots.  The vast majority Scots do not act like this.

3) I am waiting to see if these ‘promised new powers’ ever materialise from Better Together and the Prime Minister. I don’t believe it will happen. I hope I’m wrong and we do get Devo Max powers, but I doubt it. Independence would  have been better, but I doubt I’ll ever see that in this lifetime.

Anyway, we shall have to wait and see!

Dawn xx

2 thoughts on “Disappointed

  1. I agree with you on almost every point, but I wouldn’t despair of seeing independence in your lifetime. I think IF further devolution doesn’t happen (and I don’t think it’s likely to, given that it has now been tied in with the West Lothian question which is impossible to resolve in a short timescale) and IF the SNP forms the next Holyrood administration the demand will not go away. My husband says 5 years, I say 10-15 till the next referendum. We need to keep arguing the point. Don’t give up hope!

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