Dogs rule!

13255956_10207384595586864_1730845943824072265_nI am dedicating this post to my friend Hina who LOVES dogs!! Pictured above is our little lady fast asleep on my bed. The rest of the pictures are of cute pooches to lighten your day and put a smile on your face.


So how’s things with you this week? Check me out – posting a post earlier in the week! Ooh er! So not like me. The laptop was on cos I was (am going for a gold medal here for diligent work) writing (and, okay, ordering some books of Amazon for the kids – well I have to encourage the boy to read somehow and he loves David Walliams and put in a request for a new DW book). So, I thought I’d drop by, say hello and try and writie something interesting about my not-so-interesting life. It’s difficult cos my life has been busy but BORING over the last couple of days! I will try my best, but I warn you this won’t be the most scintillating of posts. (Deep breath) Here goes…


I’ve finished the biography of F Scott Fitzgerald and  left it with the feeling that both him and his wife Zelda both needed a good shaking when they were both younger and healthier. Okay she went on to have severe mental health problems and he was an alcoholic, but both her behaviour and his was just childish. I keep thinking if only they had toned it down a bit, grew up, stopped being brattish then maybe their sad story would have ended better. Reading the book I felt like they were trying to outdo each other for who could be the wildest, but in fact only succeeded in putting off friends, getting chucked out of places and generally being looked down on. I suppose they were trying to push boundaries, but being downright rude never works! It’s a shame – they both were brilliant but had really sad lives and tragic, wasteful deaths. Still Fitzgerald’s writing lives on. Am of a mind to read The Great Gatsby again.


My next foray into literature is a book my friend Jane’s partner leant me. It’s called Straight Outta Scotland and is the true story of two guys from Scotland who try to be the UK’s first hip hop superstars, fail, pretend to be American and then get offered an enormous record deal. Eventually they had to ‘fess up. I had read about these guys online some time ago so was delighted when Kev offered me his book to read. Will let you know how I get on.


Okay so the pup above is a bit Christmassy, but I say you can never have too much of a cute pup no matter what it’s surrounded by!

Right, ) I am going to end this here. I have another episode of Devious Maids (my current addiction) to watch. Enjoy the pics.

Final word: Dogs Rule Hina!!

Til next time!

Dawn xxxx




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