Dr Who and Hotel Transylvania 2…just a normal day in our household!


We went to see Hotel Transylvania 2 yesterday and it was great. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the first one and was pleased the second one was as good. We were there as part of the boy’s birthday. He turned eight last week and his birthday has been dominated by Dr Who (birthday presents, cake toppers, party bags etc) and this film. We took three of his friends from his school class and they all seemed to enjoy it. I was shattered though. They are all lovely kids, but oh do they talk! I think the ears were burned off me with the chatter!



So how have you all been? What’s been happening in your neck of the woods? I’ve been really busy again this week – it’s been mad. The previous week was my mum’s birthday and that merged into last week with the boy’s birthday. I made him a cake for his actual birthday and wrapped all his presents. Then on his birthday morning, I made pancakes for breakfast and he told me I was the best mum ever. That made me smile. We had pasta bake for dinner that night (which is one of his favourites – it’s basically Bolognese penne with grated cheese finished off in the oven) and then a few days later I took him, his sister and his friends for a McDonald’s followed by the film. My parents came over to see him on Saturday afternoon and last night, I threw myself in an exhausted heap on to the sofa and drank wine. It was great! I was going to start writing Christmas cards today, but I really can’t be bothered. Next weekend I’ll get it all done.

Next week is my birthday and I am going to spend it doing as little as possible. We are getting a carry out meal for dinner and I will enjoy it with a lovely bottle of wine and a good film on telly. Yes I am a party animal!…not! Yes the simple things are what makes my world tick!

Right on that note, I have a dinner to put on. Til next time!

Dawn xxx (who is 25-and-holding again next week!)



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