Felted jewellery at the Burrell

Lady in a Fur Wrap - El Greco...one of my favourite paintings at The Burrell

I don’t have pics as we didn’t get back til it was getting dark and we’ve been busy today, but we had fun. What am I talking about? Making felted jewellery and accessories at a family event at the Burrell Collection in Glasgow yesterday. We are: my daughter, myself, my friend Sharon and her daughter. We joined several others at the education room (or whatever it’s officially called) at the Burrell. We were taught how to agitate sheep’s wool with warm water and soap and roll it into little colourful balls. We then made – a necklace (me), keyring (me – I made it for the boy who was not there (he was having a boy’s afternoon with his dad) and who would have been upset if I hadn’t made him anything), hairclip (the girl), a necklace (the girl) and a headband (the girl). As you can see my daughter has been pretty busy. It was really good fun, although it wasn’t so easy to make a smooth felt ball. I’d definitely do it again.

The Burrell Collection is great to visit. It’s housed in a purpose-built modern building in the middle of Pollok Park, which is a lovely big park on the southside of Glasgow. Pollok House is there, it’s a National Trust property and well worth the visit.

Pollok House

They also breed Highland cows and it’s a bit of a thing in Glasgow to go and visit the new calves at Pollok Park every year. The Burrell Collection is really worth going to see if you’re ever in Glasgow – there are some fantastic collections in there, whole rooms in some cases, so if you’re keen on antiquity, you should make an effort to go.

What else has been happening? Not much. I have a close relative who’s been in hospital that last few days so everything’s been a bit topsy turvy. Thankfully he seems to be on the mend!

I have been knitting a little lemon cardie for the girl and have an order in for another green cardie for the boy (he loved his green cardie I knitted for him previously and wants another one). I’ve been working on DI3 and I’ve been practicising piano (was testing out Silent Night today…it’s slow process, but I feel as if I’m getting there). The Lurgy has visited this house once more – both the boy and I have been choked with it…that’s why I didn’t write a post last week, was feeling too under the weather.

Anyway, it’s getting late. The re-run of Game of Thrones is on Sky Atlantic (fantastic), so am away to watch it with a cup of tea and a Caramel Wafer! See you next week.

Dawn xxx

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