Fifty shades of dental fear

This is just a quick post today as am off to the dental hygienist for some torture shortly. She’s not the daintiest of people when it comes to plaque removal and I dread her brutal hand. She speaks to me like I’m five and no doubt will give me another lecture about dental floss, which I will intend to follow and then forget all about. I look after my teeth, but hate flossing cos it makes me gag. Anyway, I have butterflies just thinking about this visit, so will change the subject.

Have been reading THAT book – you know the one with the grey-eyed man! – and despite being sceptical that I would actually like it (not being a fan of Chick Lit and erotica per se) I loved it. It’s nicely written, has a good pace and the storyline (naughty scenes excepted)is good. I am loving it and can see why it’s such a big seller. It’s total escaspism. Re aforementioned naughty scenes…am on the second book and starting to get a little fed up with them. They were good a first, but I just want to find out what happens to Ana and Christian. I don’t really care what they do in bed (etc). All in all, I’d say the books are great.

Have also been reading Miserly Moms by Jonni McCoy. She’s got a website and blog too. Although American, it has a lot of relevent stuff for us Brits. I love the idea of being frugal and making every penny count, I just need to quit my addiction to Amazon books to ensure I get everything out of my ‘pocket money’ every month. Sigh. Damn that Amazon…it’s my one true vice! I just love the wide wide selection of books it has and find it hard to resist buying. So far so good. Am saving up to do a course. Must…not…go…and…buy…from…Amazon.

Nothing much else has happened chez moi. The boy managed to wet our bed the other night. I only realised it had happened when I woke up at 3.45am. It wasn’t until I got up to strip the bed (throwing hubby and the boy – who had snuck in during the night – out) that I realised he had also peed all over my back. Sigh. I was stunned that he had managed to do it until I remembered that all boys have their own built in hose that does not act like a girl’s front bottom (ie pees down), but can squirt everywhere. Ah the joys of parenthood!

On that note, I am away to dig out my Fifty Shades Darker to brazenly read in the waiting room of my dental surgery before my trial at the hands of the hygienist. Until later…

Dawn xxx

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