Five Things That Drive Authors Crazy

Generally we authors are quite a mild mannered bunch. We like to be sociable, yes, but we also like to sit back and observe and be quiet for a while. However, there are a few things that drive us crazy and here’s just five of mine:

  1. I hate to say it, but I really don’t like people asking: “So, are you still writing?” Yes, I am and, no, I really don’t want to tell you what my latest book is about because it’s complicated and would take too long and…well, I’ve spent three hours on it today and I’m all puffed out where writing is concerned. Sorry.
  2. People assuming I am rich because I am an author. Authors do not make a lot of money on the whole. There are some authors who have made tonnes of cash and good luck to them, but, like most of my authorly peers, I haven’t.
  3. People telling me they’ve always wanted to write and they have a great idea for a book, and then telling me they don’t have the time to write it. And then they go on about their story idea for at least an hour whilst I wilt under the strain of trying to be polite. If you really want to write, you will find the time. If you put in the hours and actually get something down (such as a few thousand words), then I’ll happily talk to you about it. If you are just gassing about writing without doing it, I am really not interested.
  4. Non writers thinking writing is really easy and that anyone could do it…especially children’s picture books (NB I don’t write children’s picture books and that’s because they are actually quite hard to write and to do well). If you think you can write a book, go ahead. I will be happy for you when you get it published. If you have never written a book and think it’s easy, it’s not. It’s hours and hours of hard work to write and some more to edit and then market.
  5. People asking me to critique their manuscripts. Sorry, too busy. I have my own life, my own career and other things going on. I know I sound harsh, but I just can’t spare the time and neither can my fellow authors.

Oh, and here’s another one and it’s a biggy! I really hate it when people take a writer’s work and distribute it for free without permission. That is theft. As far as I know, it’s not happened to any of my books, but I know some writers that has happened to. Like downloading illegal free music, downloading an illegally gained book is basically taking an author’s livelihood away from them. You’d be angry if someone stole your wages, so why do you think it’s okay to take the wages of writers (and other people)?

If any of my author chums have any other pet peeves, feel free to leave a comment below.

Right, moaning over. Til next time!

Dawn xxx

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