Gertrude Stein Saved My Sanity

Hi, how are you? Sorry I’ve not really been around. We’ve been busy with appointments for hubby and just trying to live as normal a life as we can. Hubby’s health issues have really pulled the rug from under us, but we realise we just have to get on with it.

Right, so what’s been happening here lately (apart from seeing medical and nursing staff, that is!)? Well, we got a new puppy. She’s a Chihuahua/Jack Russell cross and is adorable. We all love her. She’s called Millie and is an absolute delight. She’s still too young to take for walks, but in another couple of weeks (after her second lot of jabs) we’ll be able to do that.

Alice (left) and Getrude (right) at home in Paris.

Alice (left) and Getrude (right) at home in Paris.

I have just finished reading Gertrude Stein’s The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas and I loved it. Not only did it allow me some much needed mental respite from poor hubby’s illness, but took me into a lovely world of the late Belle Epoch era of Paris, F Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway and Picasso (and many more). Of course, I then had to watch Midnight in Paris starring Owen Wilson.


It’s a lovely film and features all the characters mentioned in Stein’s books.


Pictured: Owen Wilson as Gil Pender, Corey Stoll as Ernest Hemingway and Kathy Bates as Getrude Stein. Favourite character in this film – F Scott Fitzgerald played by the lovely Tom Hiddleston who is my secret actor crush.


The lovely Tom as F Scott Fitzgerald and Alison Pill as Zelda, his wife.

I love him (sorry hubby, I don’t love him as much as I do you!), so much so that I root for Loki in all the Thor and Avengers movies. I know – I am a saddo. I love him in Only Lovers Left Alive – it’s an amazing film about two bored vampires dealing with the problems of modern life. It’s got a great soundtrack too!

Right enough of Tom Hiddleston, would recommend you read The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas: it’s funny, full of excellent stories and so relaxing to read. I miss it already.

What else has been happening? Not a lot. We’ve had a lot of visitors, which has been nice and the girl recently turned 11 which I am finding hard to take in cos I still think of her as my baby. She went out with my mum today and the two of them – professional clothes and shoe shoppers the pair of them! – spent a fantastic morning shopping at a Glasgow shopping centre. The girl came back with loads of bags full of new clothes. She was delighted. She loves spending time with her granny especially if it entails shopping. My dad took the boy out to the Riverside Museum (still called the Transport Museum in this house!) and he had a ball. He came back with a Dr Who poster, note pad and pencil and a skull ring. My parents are incredibly good to my kids and my kids just adore them. They were all excited when they returned. Thanks mum and dad for taking them out!!

While they were out, I gutted the house. I’ve been not carrying out my housewifely duties lately – just seemed a bit of a waste of time. Don’t get me wrong, I only missed one week, but it was enough to turn the house into a tip. It was sparkling until everyone came home. Now it’s all messy again. Sigh.

To celebrate the girl’s birthday, I baked a cake this morning. However, the top was cooking too quickly so I covered it with tinfoil until it had properly cooked. Normally this doesn’t cause any problems, but of course it did today – just when my parents were bringing the kids back for cake and tea!! Anyway, it rose beautifully, I took it out the oven to cool and when I returned it had collapsed in on itself. Sigh. It looked crap but tasted good so we ate it anyway! I will make the girl another cake tomorrow!

Right, am going to finish up here and put this laptop away. I am tired and need to spend an hour in bed reading a new book. Hmmm…decisions, decisions…what to read now??

Til next time!

Dawn xxx

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