Govan Gals and Rain

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It’s been one of those weeks where not much has happened, but I’ve been really busy. Am currently working on the website for work, so that’s been taking up a lot of time. There’s a lot of time and effort goes into it, but I’m nearly there! At work, I’m captaining the Govan Gals walking team as part of the Glasgow City Council/NHS virtual walk to Dehli Challenge. It’s a challenge Glasgow Life (a sort of Council dept) started last year when we walked the virtual West Highland Way. Basically, we have teams of six, we’re given pedometers and we have to walk so many steps (8,300) per day to meet our quota. This challenge is over five weeks and teams are taking part from all over Glasgow (City Council and NHS) staff. Together, we’ve been challenged to walk the equivalent distance of walking from here to Dehli and back. I really like taking part in this type of challenge because I really enjoy walking and it gets me motivated to do more of it. I was going to walk the kids to school and nursery this morning (journey of about a mile one way), but the heavens opened and it’s pouring down.

Raindrops by Johnny Berg via stock xchng

Hopefully, the weather will clear and I’ll get out later. As I write, I’ve done less than 1000 steps…my theory is that the pedometer is somehow not working! 🙂

Been a bit stuck on the ole writing front recently so have gone back to re-read DI2 and what I’ve written so far.  Will keep you posted as to how I get on.

Have also started knitting myself a pair of socks, which I do later in the evening when I watch tv and have no energy to do anything else. Also finished the girl’s summer dress (which is lovely – I will post pics soon) and am almost finished my own dress, the material for which I bought months ago on a trip into Glasgow with my friend Tracy. Will also post a pic of that once I have taken it. I made two further wee dolls – one for the boy and another for a friend of the girl’s, which turned out lovely.

Right am off to cut down some black-out blinds for the kids’ rooms (their rooms face east and the sun – when it’s out – just streams through their windows in the morning). Then I’ve got work to do!

Dawn xx

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