Grease, socialising and two drunk, singing women (neither of whom were me)

It’s been a busy old week at Nelson Towers. The kids went back to school last week (yippee from parents everywhere) so I got the house back to myself. Peace reigned during the hours they weren’t here. It was just me and the dogs and it was lovely. I do love my kids, but sometimes a busy mum just wants a bit of peace (and to watch her television programme without someone interrupting her continuously).

The kids and I also popped along to Helensburgh to see an anniversary showing of Grease at The Tower Arts Centre. The last time I saw Grease in the cinema I was only seven-years-old…just a baby. I loved  it then(although a lot of it went over my head) and I love it still now and it was fab to see it on the big screen. However, the showing was somewhat…what’s the right phrase?…marred by the arrival of two very inebriated women of a certain age. They arrived late, bursting into the auditorium, fumbling with phones to switch on their torch facility to see better with and made straight for the little bar in the main screening room. They bought two bottles of wine each and then clumsily made their way to their seats. In between swigs of wine (from wine glasses…they weren’t that trashy as to actually swig it from the bottle), they then proceeded to outdo each other singing all the songs.

It wasn’t a sing-a-long.

The kids were furious at them for singing. I did tell them (the kids) to move seats, for there were plenty, but they didn’t and put up with it. I just kept on watching and ignoring the women. We saw them again outside the cinema after the film ended clasping on to each other as they tottered down the street in their very high heels.

Note: I still have a huge crush on Danny Zuko and Kennickie! John and Jeff…swoon!

On the Friday, I not only went out for lunch with friends to the Cardross Inn which has newly reopened, but me and the kids also went out for dinner with some other friends to La Barca in Helensburgh, a Spanish tapas bar. The food was good, but the service wasn’t at La Barca which is a shame. I must admit…I still had a fab day. The food and company on both occasions was great and I will be doing it again sometime soon. 🙂

The following day, my parents came to visit along with their dog, Winston. He’s adorable, but mischievous. We took him, the kids and my dogs out a walk to a local beauty spot where Winnie proceeded to prove how mischievous he could be by jumping in every single muddy puddle (despite being told not to) and then, after being told to get out yet another puddle, he first sat down in the water and then lay down. My parents don’t mind him getting wet, but he was going to my sister’s that night because my mum and dad were going out. Wee besom that he is! He was boggin’ by the time we got home and I had to hose both him and Millie (who also loves muddy puddles) down before they could be re-admitted to the house.

On the Sunday, we popped into Glasgow to get the girl’s phone looked at by a certain store with the name of a fruit. It wasn’t charging. The guy was great and cleaned out the portal and checked everything. I was relieved to find out the phone was fine and it was probably the charger. Anyway, long story short the girl somehow talked me into having a look in New Look before we went home and before I knew it I had spent more than £300 on new clothes for her and her brother!! I don’t know what happened. It started with ‘just a look’, went on to ‘Mum I really need a new…’ and ended with me handing over my bank card.

This week has been a bit less busy, although it’s only Tuesday so the week is still young!

Books I am reading…just started The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I enjoyed the film and the book is really good. I love that it’s Death that’s narrating it.

Right, I am going to end this blog here. Til next time!

Dawn xx


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