Great plans ruined by a pesky cold

Sorry I’ve not been blogging lately, but I’ve been laid low with a pesky cold. It’s one of those ones that wipes you out for a couple of days and then leaves you drained for the rest of the week. That’s why I’ve been way behind with all the things I planned to do this week whilst the kids were off on a school holiday…things like writing and baking and making stuff. I did read…managed to finish the biog of Charles Dickens again so am all inspired to write, which is good. Sometimes I just lose the will to write and it takes me a while to get back into it. Anything that helps to get that feeling back is always welcome.

This week has also been busy with buying stuff for the boy’s birthday and getting in early Christmas pressies. I always buy the bulk of my pressies in October because I hate Christmas shopping (I hate shopping anyway, but Christmas time is always so much worse) and I hate stressing that I don’t have the pressies in yet. So I buy early and put them away. This makes me happy and non stressy.

The offspring also have next week off school, but we’ll have to spend the first couple of days inside whilst our boiler gets fixed. It’s a combi boiler that’s at least 15-18 years old and we’ve never had any problem with it until last month we tried to put it on when the weather got colder. It came on for a while and then went off. Our local gasman thinks it’s the fan so he’s coming out early next week to fix it. Thankfully we have an electric heater in the living room and lots of woolly jumpers!!

Right am off to tackle the mountain of ironing that has built up over the last week cos I was too unwell and lacking in energy (and, if I’m perfectly honest, the desire) to do it. Bet you Charles Dickens never had to do ironing!! Grumble, grumble!

Until next time.

Dawn xx

6 thoughts on “Great plans ruined by a pesky cold

    • Hiya
      Good idea! Would have done that had my husband not been watching the Andy Murray match (I iron in the living room…no room for the ‘mountain’ anywhere else! Usually I watch something like Downton Abbey or Pride & Prejudice to take the pain out of the task.
      Thanks for you good wishes.
      Dawn xx

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