Handy things to know…


I’m a big fan of Pinterest. I truly believe you can find out anything you want on Pinterest and I regularly go on and have a look. Here are my top five handy things to know – information I’ve gleaned via that mighty site!

1) Home-made eczema cream courtesy of Shaye Elliot of the Elliot Homestead. I haven’t made this so can’t tell you how good it is, but I do suffer from sensitive skin so will definitely give this a go.

2)33 Ikea hacks that all women can do and gathered by AllWomensTalk. I think some of them are great ideas – I especially like the ideas for the spice racks.

3) Sun Scholars’ 50 Home-made Gifts for Kids. This is my favourite from Mmmm Crafts.

4) Natural allergy relief thanks to nettles and Fresh Bites Daily.

5) And how to preserve a Dandelion in resin courtesy of Make.

I think number 5 is definitely my favourite although totally impractical. It’s just beautiful.

Dawn xx

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