Happy birthday mum!! And a month of birthdays!


My lovely mum celebrated her 70th birthday this week and the family gathered at my parents’ house yesterday for a surprise party…except it wasn’t such a bit surprise. You see my four-year-old nephew blabbed on Wednesday about it – he told my mum to make sure she had party bags to hand out at her party on Saturday! It gave us all a laugh, but spoiled the surprise for mum…she wasn’t bothered though and enjoyed having everyone round.

 My sisters and I have been planning the surprise party for months. We organised the food (ordered courtesy of Mr Marks and Mr Spencer), bought the drink and baked/cooked additional stuff. Above are the two cakes I made for mum’s birthday cakes. I’m not a fantastic cake decorator so kept it simple. One of my sisters also made a massive lasagne to add to the party food and she made cup cakes. We were cake-tastic!! And food-tastic!! So we all went home (with very full bellies) with goodie bags full of party food and cake (am going to have a slice of the sponge – top left – shortly).

That’s the main event for this week. Next week my boy turns eight…can’t believe he’s that old already. That means DarkIsle is also eight…we launched it a couple of months before the wee man was born (I was heavily pregnant and uncomfortable, but still had a fab time at the launch). Talking of birthdays, I should also mention this month is also a birthday month for my brother-in-law Alan, my nephew, my two friends Annmarie and Jane, my other friend’s daughter, my friend Derek, my friend Mac and my own (at the end of this month I turn 45…gulp!…I mean 25-and-holding (again). Then it is another  two birthdays (daughters of two friends) before Christmas is upon us.  Happy birthday to everyone mentioned here and anyone I know whom I haven’t mentioned (if you know me you’ll know I have a head like a sieve and I often forget things, so sorry). Where has the time gone? It’s just whizzing by!   This year started off fine, went downhill really fast in April (when hubby was really really ill) and is now nearly over. This year, 2015, has been our annus horribilis…2016 will be better! 🙂

Right I’ve got stuff to do. Til next time!

Dawn xxx

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