Happy birthday wee yin!!

My boy turned four yesterday and we had a family party to celebrate. The whole family – bar one who couldn’t make it – were there and they ranged in age from about three months old to 83. The boy got lots of lovely presents and was delighted with them all. As with all our family gatherings, it was a noisy one (and it wasn’t just the kids making all the noise – in fact they played upstairs most of the time except when I shouted them down for food). We had homemade pizza, filled rolls, crisps, oatcakes and cheese, humous, salad, olives and lots more. I made the cake and decorated it on Friday. I basically made a bit of a mess of the icing because I was originally going to put a cake train on it, but it crumbled as I was placing it. So I covered all the messy bits with chocolate biscuits, sweets and lollipops and called it a sweety cake. Nobody noticed and the boy was delighted!

It was a fun afternoon.

Anyway, I’d best be off. I have the house to myself with the specific instruction from my beloved other half to get editing DI3. However, I’m not going yet until I leave this message for my boy:

Happy birthday wee yin! Can’t believe you’re four already. Seems like only yesterday that I was holding you in my arms and marvelling at how beautiful you were. Now you’re a big boisterous boy who’s full of fun!

love Mum xx

Until next time!!

Dawn x

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