Happy New Year!!


Happy New Year to you all!! Hope 2016 is a good one for you! Have you made your resolutions? Will you stick to them??? I’m not making resolutions (I never stick to them, it’s a waste of time), but I do have a few intentions including getting fitter and losing a bit of the podge I’ve put on over the last couple of years (need to shift a couple of stones). I’m also having a dry January! So far so good (okay so it’s only the first day of the new year, but no alcohol has passed my lips!!). And I’ve got my mini triathlons and the Great Scottish Swim to train for, so will be getting back in the saddle (exercise bike initially), digging out my trainers and slipping on the old swimming cozzie (although I have been keeping swimming going) and getting down to it.

Phew am exhausted thinking about it.

Anyway. enough of me wittering on. Just wanted to swing by and wish you Happy New Year. Speak to you soon!

Dawn xxx


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